‘Think of the eels!’ – An Auckland wedding

God Daughter Cadence

I just spent a week in NZ to be a bridesmaid for my family friend Alescha and her new hubby Mark. Alescha’s family and my family have been friends for years – we go waay back! My parents are Alescha’s God Parents and I am the God Mother of Alescha and Mark’s daughter Cadence.

Unfortunately as I live in Oz and they were all in Auckland I didn’t get to do all the usual bridesmaidy things and even more unfortunately I missed out on the male strippers at the Hens night!
I was pretty damn nervous about the dress and shoes! I had seen the shoes online and had my Mum pick them up as they were in NZ. Had my fingers crossed I was still a size 7! But I was more nervous about the dress.. if it was too small I was screwed. There were no other sizes available. All I knew was that they were long and black.
Luckily, the dress was gorgeous and if anything a tiny bit too big! The shoes were a little too small. Ironic really, I thought it was going to be the other way around.
The rain held off for the ceremony (thank goodness) and we were able to have it outside.
I held my God Daughters hand down the aisle and was fighting back tears as bloody Keith (Alescha’s Dad and a close friend) started tearing up, the emotional bastard. Of course that made Alescha tear up and next thing you know we are all trying to make each other laugh so we weren’t balling by the time we reached the crowd! We were trying to distract each other by saying ‘think of the eels as they were a decent amount under the bridge we were walking over.
During the ceremony I was at an angle to Keith (Father of the bride), he was in my direct line of vision. He kept tearing up and since I kept looking at him so did I. My Mum said I looked slightly crazy coz I each time I looked at Keith I would roll my eyes up into the back of my head so I wouldn’t cry! Ain’t no way I was gonna ruin my make up by crying though lol.
After the gorgeous ceremony we headed in for photos and then jumped in golf buggy’s to travel over the estate. Simon, the best man and gentleman that he is had arranged alcohol and snacks for the trip. I was on the ‘Bang Bus’ – I have no idea what this means, although I do have my suspicions as it was from the Bachelors night….
Anyway my Dad was the MC, and although I am bias and I was half cut he did a great job and was pretty funny. The reception again was gorgeous. Alescha and Mark sat on thrones which was a cool touch.

The wedding dance was awesome! The couple had had dance lessons and broke it down on the d-floor before being joined by everyone. I was trying to teach everyone rock and roll ‘side together, side together, back-step.’

Stupidly I decided that it was a fantastic idea to take my too small shoes off and ‘shuffle’ on the d-floor with my bros and the wedding party. Next thing you know I’m being carried off by the best man as I cut my foot on glass and due to the large amount of alcohol in my system, bled everywhere. Haha amusing end to the night!

All in all, so honoured to be part of Alescha and Mark’s wedding. A gorgeous day!

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