Tokyo: Day One

I arrived late last night and settled into my mate Seiji’s house. He lives in Suginami-ku which is only 15mins by train to Harajuku and Shinjuku. Lucky for me he has given me full use of his apartment while I’m here, saving me a fortune in accommodation! He is staying at his girlfriends house.

After checking my social networks (yes I’m addicted) I fell into a deep sleep and only awoke at 9am! Decent sleep in for me.

I got changed and headed for a walk to the local supermarket. My family owned a supermarket most of my life so I LOVE going to new ones, especially overseas and seeing how they run and what try stock. Add my love of random food and you’ll understand why I was on there 2hours!

You can find sushi, tempura snacks and a large assortment of I have no idea as I can’t read Japanese in their supermarkets! There’s a massive range of drinks as confectionary. Something I found interesting was that all beauty, health and pet products were stocked completely separately upstairs, you buy your produce and general groceries, pay for them, then head upstairs to the rest of it.

Anyway I came back home and Seiji had slept in and was late for our lunch so I cleaned up the tiny apartment until he arrived.

Seiji took me to his fave cafe for lunch. It’s a cute little place and all the furniture is imported from his home town Matsyuma. I had karagi chicken with salad and rice. Not sure what Seiji had but it was pork haha.

Seiji went to work and I made my way to Harajuku – one if my fave places ever. I bought some gifts and spent hours just floating around taking everything in.

Come 7pm I headed back to Seiji’s hood and tried Mos burger. Teriyaki chicken burger was my choice – yummy but could see the fat dripping off it.

Day two tomorrow, no plans but to meet Seiji for dinner – anyone have any tips for places to visit?




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