Oakridge Winery Cellar Door & Restaurant, Yarra Valley

Honestly, I expected more. I was really looking forward to this meal.

The cellar door itself is very impressive. The architecture is very modern and on point.

Inside, floor to ceiling windows set the scene. Lolling hills with beautiful vineyards and a stunning skyline. You can get lost in it.

We had a tasting of the reds, I really enjoyed the Shiraz and the Merlot. The Pinot Gris Hazeldine also receives an honorable mention. Matt from the cellar door was exceptionally knowledgeable with his descriptions and background of the wines.

We had a 1pm booking for lunch in the restaurant and made our way in, the floor to ceiling windows and views following us there.

The first thing I noticed was a gorgeous arrangement of royal purple tulips. The uniqueness was in their presentation. They had been dug from the ground in a patch and strung together and left on a slab. The layers of dirt were visible as were the bulbs. Later I managed to walk into them a get a whopping bruise on my arm but I forgive them. It was my fault for looking to see if my food had arrived yet.

Our sparkling (which was very nice) came out quickly. As did some soft sourdough with a crunchy crust and some salty whipped butter… cue drooling.

We ordered the burrata curd to share to start and the rye papadelle and the rainbow trout as our mains.

The burrata curd came out quickly. Beautiful and soft and mild and creamy with some high quality olive oil and cracked pepper. That’s my idea of a good time!

The mains took a long time to come out. A really long time. We were about to ask where they were when we were told they were coming out. It was a good 45minutes and we were starving.

I had inquired as to how creamy my pasta was and told not too much, however it was a lot more than that. It seemed to be lacking in flavour, despite its vibrant appearance. I was truly disappointed.

We had green teas and coffee to finish and worked there for a while. The waitress assisted us with their wifi password and we smashed out emails for an hour or so in the corner.

The drinks were on the house when the bill arrived which I thought was fair seeing as our wait and my meal being an average quality.

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