That Time We Crashed A Bucks Party In Bali

Bali is debaucherous (depending on which holiday-mode you turn on) at the best of times. Add a bucks party and you may as well call game-over. At the very least for your liver.

By mere accident, we ended up crashing a bucks party on my second trip to Bali this year.

I arrived, my flight was delayed, people invaded my personal space in customs, the ATM ate two of my credit cards while I was trying to get out cash for my driver who was waiting patiently (meanwhile I was stressing TF out as I had one card left), I finally got to the villa to meet the girls and they messaged that they had headed heading out. Fair play by them, I replied I wasn’t in the mood and I’d see them in the morning. That lasted all of my 5-minute shower before they bombarded me with messages that they had both met lovely men who were part of a bucks party and, well.. I should get my ass there ASAP.

Being the great, supportive friend I am, I did just that!

I rocked up to Finns (normally we actively avoid this bar full of rowdy, excessively drunk tourists) only to find that not only had we crashed a bucks party, but it was a bucks party from BRISBANE.

Come on. Anywhere else. Like, any other city in the world that I don’t live in would have been ideal, but nope! A group of nearly 30 men from the city I live in.

Needless to say, sh*t got cray. Cray AF. The next two and half days were boozily spent doing ridiculous things at a gorgeous villa. I jumped out of trees (once I managed to actually get up – the first few times I fell back down, scratching and bruising my inner thighs) into the pool, we drank excessive amounts of alcohol (the smiles on the Indonesian’s faces as they dropped off box after box of beer and wine was adorable), we went to karaoke bars, the groom got waxed, ate a pig on a spit, slept the bare minimum and had the BEST time.

Best of all though, the buck had a great time and that’s what it was really all about. A buck and 30 or so of his best mates getting loose in Bali – I’m super thankful they let us tag along, we met some great guys and had sooo much fun.

Obviously I can’t share too many juicy details or any pics of the guys – so these will have to do! Sorry, I know I’m leaving you hanging – that was all amped up for some great stories, but, what happens in Bali, stays in Bali!

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