My first time on a plane post COVID-19 clusterf%*k

I’m so excited! I’m sitting on a plane right this minute as I type this*.

I love planes. I love flying. When I was younger I briefly considered being a pilot until I found out the amount of maths involved. Maths is gross. I feel very safe and relaxed in the air. It’s my happy place.

Prior to COVID-19 I flew regularly for work and play, domestically and internationally. I was on a plane a couple of times a month, often more. Before landing in NZ for four days (ha), I’d been on five flights in the week.

I love the hustle and bustle of the airport and people watching in the lounge. I love watching reunions at the gate or through customs and the excitement of children as they see the planes take off and land. I don’t love lounge food, but it’s getting better haha.

Anyway, back to my story, I’m on a plane! Thanks to NZ doing a fantastic job at ridding COVID, we are able to travel. In fact, there are very few restrictions in place now, the main ones are no more than groups of hundred and stick to social distancing. Everything is open and we can travel as we please. I’m grateful to be in NZ at this time and have this luxury. And I’m going to take advantage of it.

I couldn’t enter the airport without showing my boarding pass. Once inside there are marks on ground for where you can stand to ensure social distancing is followed. There was some signage around but nothing too in your face.

We lined up on our cross marks on the ground to board. On the plane, the seat next to a solo traveler is reserved to again, adhere to social distancing. You can choose to accept a mask, I did not. I don’t think anyone did.

That’s about the only differences so far. It’s only traveling domestically (I’m traveling from Palmerston North to Auckland to host a workshop and visit friends), I imagine the international airport would be much different again and I would probably be much more conscious too.

My next flight will be to Queenstown (that whole taking advantage of an open country thing) and then probably back to Brisbane. Although.. who knows!

Any suggestions of where to travel and explore in NZ? I’m thinking Napier, Wellington, Queenstown, Taupo… suggestions, please!

* I was on the plane two days ago now.

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