Hikari Sushi – best ramen in Queenstown

Hikari Sushi is my favorite spot for ramen in Queenstown, hands down.

There’s not much better than when it’s freezing cold outside, heading inside to slurp over a hot bowl of steaming noodles. Especially after a big day exploring around in the snow.

I ordered the spicy tonkonsu ramen, I love a bit of spice. What I loved most about the dish was the charred Chasu pork. Perfectly charred, the pork slices spread a beautiful smokey taste right across all the elements of the dish. As well, the broth was delicious, there was plenty of bamboo, pork and the marinated egg was even well done! I often find that marinated eggs are a letdown, but these guys nailed it.

The team was lovely, even though we were their last customers of the day and they would have been itching to leave.

You can find Hikari Sushi restaurants right across Queenstown. We visited the Mall location.

I also had the udon tempura noodle soup at their airport location (another of my favourite comfort foods when I’m in the cold), which was delicious. But if you’re tossing up between the ramen and the udon, go the ramen! And spicy, if you can handle a kick of spice.

I’ve tried ramen in other places in Queenstown and this is definitely my favourite spot. Bonus is that it’s super central and with multiple locations, they’ve got most of the area covered.

Tell me that you’re not craving ramen now!

Hikari Japanese Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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