A moist Future

Wet doesn’t even describe it. Future Music Festival Brisbane 2013. Imagine heavy rain, with thousands of inebriated people running around having mud fights and you get a half idea of what was going on. There was a river flowing up to the stage, almost over my gumboots – we obviously had to jump in! The ponchos weren’t doing much … Read more

Nagomi Bento – Eagle Street Pier

Well I didn’t think this place would be that much of a winner on a Friday night, I just thought it would be quick, fresh food. Little did I know! Ruhee, Harry & I headed there after a few at Friday’s for a quick bite. We ordered a whole heap of different tapas, only $6 … Read more

Hot choc heaven – Denim

Denim in South Bank has the most yummy hot chocs! And they’re kind of novel too. Comes out with just choc and marshmallows in a cup and the hot milk (soy in my case) separate ready for you to pour in and mix up. I had soy chai latte here the other night though and … Read more

Fat Noodle – Brisbane Treasury Casino

Heard a lot about this place, being Luke Nguygen’s newest baby and all but I wasn’t that impressed. Interior is very casino.. it looks like it belongs there. The strands hanging from the roof with woks were interesting and my friend mentioned they looked like ‘falling noodles’ which would make sense really! I wasn’t that … Read more

Bootay Shaking & Ridiculous Dancers, J Lo World Tour

To be honest I didn’t have high expectations for this show.. I am not a J Lo fan but we got free tickets from work and thought it would be a fun girls night out. Firstly, she took AGES to come out. A good 45 mins to an hour. I know she’s a mega star … Read more

Sick on a Sunday

Whenever I am ill I revert back to being a child.I want my Mum and I want my Dad and I want cuddles. This morning I woke up feeling rather sick in my stomach… my first thought was, ‘did I drink that much last night?’ As I had planned on only going out for a … Read more

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