Ann Gyoza Bar

Gyoza is yummy! Nice and soft and fresh but pan fried and crispy too! You’d hope so though, considering it is a gyoza joint.  It comes out on a sizzling plate, with onion and capsicum garnishes. The waitress then pours the sauce over the top, a delicious citrus, soy.  We went for the chicken and … Read more

Locked out.. AGAIN

I am so good at locking myself out, I should have at least 2 sets of house keys. Although that wouldn’t help me in this situation. I tend to lock myself out these days as I have started taking the ferry to work. So I have no need for my car key and therefore the … Read more

Himalayan Cafe – New Farm

Great food, fantastic atmosphere and BYO goodness. The first thing that hits you when you arrive at the Himalayan Cafe is the atmosphere, it has dark-ish interior lighting, some incense is burning by the shrine and the music transports you away. It is very relaxed and the venue is full of happy voices – it … Read more

Sushi Kotobuki – LOVE this place!

Best.Place.EVERRRR When I worked for the Lions I regularly visited this place as it is just around the corner from the Gabba in East Brisbane. Now I don’t get there so often but love it when I do! These pics reallllly don’t do the food justice, I had take-away tonight and it was incredible as … Read more

Mitoki –Kangaroo Point

Nestled in the heart of Kangaroo Point, diagonally across from the Story Bridge Hotel, you will find Mitoki. A cute little open aired Japanese restaurant with iPads to order from. The staff are of course, all Japanese and as they all are, extremely polite and sweet. To celebrate their first birthday Mitoki had 15 of … Read more

Wagaya – You like eel, right?

I’ve wanted to go to Wagaya in Fortitude Valley for quite a while. So after the disappointing draw of the Bledisloe Cup, we were happy to find it still open. Wagaya has an awesome interior, sleek dark wooden booths that are private and contribute to creating a cool ambience. It had touch screen menus, which … Read more

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