From outraged to engaged

Okay so outraged is a bit of an exaggeration but I thought it made a good title. I visited Chameleon Restaurant at the Intercontinental Hotel, Wellington. Being my last night in NZ I had poured over Wellington menus and decided we would visit there so I could have the NZ crayfish with scallops. Yumm! We … Read more

Saying goodbye is such sweet sorrow

It ain’t sweet at all! I hate goodbyes. This is well known. I avoid them at all costs. Usually at the airport I’m worried my Mum will cry. That brings me pretty close to tears. Other people’s emotions seem to have a greater effect on me than my own. Well today it was my turn. … Read more

Hobbiton – Casual Shire stroll

I had my doubts after reading reviews about Hobbiton. I need not have – it was incredible. From the enthusiastic, knowledgeable tour guides to the infinite details of the set it was well worth $75NZD. Mum, Dad, Kim, Dan, Sean and I took the bus from the Matamata information centre to The Shire’s Rest where … Read more

Taupo Holidaying

We are heading to Taupo on Monday for 3 nights! Whooooop! Kim, Dad, Mum and I will head up north in pursuit of good food, fine wine and adventure. Can’t wait! I so far have two restaurants I would like to go to – The Brantry and The Plateau. Both sound delicious. I found them on TripAdvisor and googled … Read more

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