Grand Canyon – alcohol at altitude.

Did you know that drinking at altitude affects the way you respond to alcohol? I know now. Grand Canyon is an amazing place. We started our trip in Sedona, a gorgeous town which is in completely muted and natural tones so that the beauty of the land is showcased. We ate some cactus chips, yup … Read more

LaLa Land

We arrived in LA after 7hours of flights and thankfully our bags were there to meet us this time, after they were lost there when we originally arrived we were a little worried they may not turn up! You could say that our flight there wasn’t the best one I have been on. You could … Read more

Post cruise blues & Butterbeer

I thought getting from Miami to Orlando would be easy. I thought there would be buses and trains aplenty connecting one major city with another only three hours away. I thought I would just wing it when the time came and all would be well. I thought wrong. When we arrived in Miami on the … Read more

Shark infested waters

The waiters know us so well when we arrive at our table for dinner there is already two butter dishes and two pieces of french bread each. In ‘real’ life I hardly even eat bread but here I can’t stop. Thank goodness I have 1 month unlimited hot yoga booked when I get back to … Read more

San Juan

San Juan is probably my favorite stop on the cruise. Surprisingly considering that it isn’t my typical choice of location. No sweeping beaches, palm trees or snorkeling. We began the day with a 5 hour Puerto Rico favorites tour which included three ‘cities’ and a rainforest trip. I spent the entire rainforest trip scouring the … Read more

Bushwhackers at height

St Thomas was our second stop on the trip and the first time the weather wasn’t fantastic. Not that it was bad, just a few showers and a little overcast. Lisa, a friend who has worked on a cruise ship in these waters suggested we didn’t do a planned tour on this island and instead … Read more

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