Shark infested waters

The waiters know us so well when we arrive at our table for dinner there is already two butter dishes and two pieces of french bread each. In ‘real’ life I hardly even eat bread but here I can’t stop. Thank goodness I have 1 month unlimited hot yoga booked when I get back to … Read more

San Juan

San Juan is probably my favorite stop on the cruise. Surprisingly considering that it isn’t my typical choice of location. No sweeping beaches, palm trees or snorkeling. We began the day with a 5 hour Puerto Rico favorites tour which included three ‘cities’ and a rainforest trip. I spent the entire rainforest trip scouring the … Read more

Bushwhackers at height

St Thomas was our second stop on the trip and the first time the weather wasn’t fantastic. Not that it was bad, just a few showers and a little overcast. Lisa, a friend who has worked on a cruise ship in these waters suggested we didn’t do a planned tour on this island and instead … Read more

We’re in Miami bitch

Ever had to catch a flight in the morning when you’ve had no sleep and likely still intoxicated?It’s not particularly pleasant. The car arrived at 6am to take us to JFK. It was so difficult to stay awake in the car! I slept the whole flight, don’t even remember take off. Eventually we got to … Read more

Just Cruisin’

Cruising. My family don’t know it yet, but we are going on a cruise. As soon as I get my hands on Dads credit card! We are aboard the Carnival Liberty, an impressive, gorgeous, huge ship with 12 floors above sea level. Cruising the Bahamas over 8 days to Half Moon Cay, St Thomas, San … Read more

No sleep, no worries!

We were a novelty on the train this morning for my friends Mum.. She was so excited to take the train to Manhattan from Long Island with us! She had bagels with cream cheese and coffee ready for us and got us to call her mate (who was a red head) and explain that we … Read more

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