Just Cruisin’

Cruising. My family don’t know it yet, but we are going on a cruise. As soon as I get my hands on Dads credit card! We are aboard the Carnival Liberty, an impressive, gorgeous, huge ship with 12 floors above sea level. Cruising the Bahamas over 8 days to Half Moon Cay, St Thomas, San … Read more

No sleep, no worries!

We were a novelty on the train this morning for my friends Mum.. She was so excited to take the train to Manhattan from Long Island with us! She had bagels with cream cheese and coffee ready for us and got us to call her mate (who was a red head) and explain that we … Read more

Brooklyn Heights

Massive day today. Was so happy to have avocado on toast for breakfast. Anyway! Headed to Brooklyn on the subway and walked the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan, beautiful weather again and wicked views. Checked out some street performers then headed into Wall street to see what all the fuss was about. It was just a … Read more

Jet Lagged motions

We had intended to get up at 9… But with hangovers as bad as ours, coupled with jet lag, we ended up sleeping until 11am. Gemma then decided to spew, and wouldn’t even get out of the bed to do it. I nearly gagged haha, so yuck. I hate people spewing in beds, beds are … Read more

New York, we’ve arrived

We found our hotel and checked in at 2am. An awesome little place in West Village called The Larchmont Hotel – a great location. Managed to get next to no sleep but got up early and went to find all the crap we needed due to loss of luggage! Made our way to Union Square … Read more

We made it to the USA!

But our bags didn’t. Why am I always that lady running through the airport??! We had to connect in LA to New York. We got through security easily and quickly only to wait for our bags for over an hour. We were the last ones there, no bags on the carousel and 25mins left before … Read more

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