‘Think of the eels!’ – An Auckland wedding

God Daughter Cadence I just spent a week in NZ to be a bridesmaid for my family friend Alescha and her new hubby Mark. Alescha’s family and my family have been friends for years – we go waay back! My parents are Alescha’s God Parents and I am the God Mother of Alescha and Mark’s daughter … Read more

Next holidays I want to do:

While I still have a few coming up there are sooo many more I want to do! Back to America, NY, Vegas, LA THIS contiki around the east coast of America – I love contiki. Visit my friend Sheldon and her husband in the UK (a place I don’t love but a dear friend I … Read more

Halloween Festivities

My friends throw the best parties. Especially Halloween parties, with one of them being American you wouldn’t expect much less but this man really knows how to make a bunch of people party their socks off! Last year this party was so cray it ended up on the news… a couple of times. But that’s … Read more

Sleep deprivation

I am so exhausted today that I found myself doing stupid stuff. For instance, when I went to call my friend, much confusion ensued. I began with just trying to call her… I was so confused as to why her name wasn’t in my phone. How could it have disappeared? I haven’t synced my phone … Read more

Head over heels in Love.

Don’t get too excited, it’s not me. Have you ever spent time with someone who is just gushing with happiness after meeting the man/woman of their dreams? Someone who you never thought would gush and blush and fall over their own feet from being distracted by their other half? My lovely friend, who I have … Read more

Reality Bites/ Post-Holiday Blues

Post-Holiday Blues is a real condition. I swear. As this article reports “The post-holiday blues might not (yet) be a recognised syndrome but it is something that darkens the first few days after a break for many of us.” The article also provides tips for getting through this difficult time. You can read them HERE. … Read more

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