Fat Noodle – Brisbane Treasury Casino

Heard a lot about this place, being Luke Nguygen’s newest baby and all but I wasn’t that impressed. Interior is very casino.. it looks like it belongs there. The strands hanging from the roof with woks were interesting and my friend mentioned they looked like ‘falling noodles’ which would make sense really! I wasn’t that … Read more

Ginga – average at best

We visited Ginga on my Birthday, after roaming aimlessly around South Bank and deciding on Japanese. Really disappointed. Edamame was over cooked. The shell was falling apart. When I enquired as to whether someone had an iPhone charger that I could place my phone on the staff looked at me like I was crazy. Staff … Read more

Cha Cha Charming

Cha Cha Char lives up to all that I have heard. It’s a nice restaurant, with great, attentive service and fantastic food.You will notice that half the pics I have here have already been slightly demolished. The meals were so scrumptious I kept forgetting to take pics! We chose a bottle of New Zealand (of course, I’m … Read more

Kokoro Bento, South Brisbane deliciousness

I discovered this new little Japanese place while hunting down the IGA in South Brisbane.Now, by now, if you read my blog, you will know that I LOVE gyoza. So maaannn was I happy when I stumbled across this place and they do 4 delicious steamed gyoza for $3.50! They are already cooked too so … Read more

Ann Gyoza Bar

Gyoza is yummy! Nice and soft and fresh but pan fried and crispy too! You’d hope so though, considering it is a gyoza joint.  It comes out on a sizzling plate, with onion and capsicum garnishes. The waitress then pours the sauce over the top, a delicious citrus, soy.  We went for the chicken and … Read more

Wara Wara wasabi bomb

I thought this restaurant was Korean with a Japanese influence but it seems they advertise it the other way around… I love the fit out of this place. You walk upstairs to find a big, open space with a huge screen playing Asian pop music. There are booths all down one side with funky artwork … Read more

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