Free Botox – with a catch

Free Botox! But there’s a catch!

Last night I was innocently sleeping, wrapped in the arms of my silky blankets when BAM! My wrist and thumb were stunning and burning. Then itching.

Grudgingly waking up I turned on the light to find two reasonable size welts. Without a clue of the culprit I smeared some paw paw on and attempted to sleep again.

But I could hear it buzzing.

About 20mins later I awoke again at 4.30am. This time my lip was stinging. Like pretty bad. I knew the little bugger had got me again.

My lip swelled huge. It was pretty amusing really. I was wide awake for an hour gazing at my new look and looking to get the culprit, who obviously had a death wish.

It looked like a pea had been inserted into the right side of my bottom lip. A snapchat from my Mum confirmed my suspicions, I looked ridiculous.

I couldn’t find the little asshole though. I hope I ate him.

Here’s a picture for your enjoyment.


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