Soundwave – hangover madness

I managed to get well and truly written off the night before Soundwave. It wasn’t my intention nor did I foresee it happening.
I was at a leaving party and was drinking delicious cocktails. Next thing you know I’m leaving Bacchus, heading to Friday’s and partying on until 2am.

Cue terrible headache and vomiting twice. Once at night and again in the morning. If ever I spew in the morning you know it’s bad.

Ru was picking me up at 11. I just wanted to sleep and cuddle myself but I had to get up and ready.

I made it to Ru’s and went on a recovery mission to the Deli, read about it HERE.

After that I got home, ate, had a nap and started to feel better. In which case Ru began to encourage me to start drinking. Much to her disgust I couldn’t handle it.

We got to Soundwave just in time for Billy Talent, Carl really wanted to see them and we had a ‘festival timetable’ for the first time in the history or our festival going.

Although it had rained all week, the sun came out to play and I began feeling better and happy to wander around. Ru was still unhappy that I wasn’t drinking yet.

The bands I thought I would really enjoy I didn’t find as good. Too high expectations? Perhaps.

Stone Sour didn’t play any of their old music and I found I didn’t know their new stuff. A Perfect Circle were pretty good, but again played a lot of material I didn’t know. A pleasure just to see and hear Maynard though.

I did really enjoy Cypress Hill, Blink182, Linkin Park & Offspring though. Linkin park were awesome actually, really had the crowd rocking. Found I knew more of their music than anyone else’s.
We caught the end of Metallica – old rock Gods still admired by the thousands.

I managed to put away 3 vodkas, I just couldn’t handle it. So I guess the moral of the story is: Don’t drink the night before a festival!’

Sushi Nikkou

Good, fast food.

I love soft shell crab sushi, I just grabbed a plate off the train. Was yummy and fresh. I ordered the tempura prawn udon noodle soup, it was delicious. Nice broth and lots of tempura veggies, even though there was only one prawn. Can’t complain too much for around only $8.90 though.

Cash only – I hate cash only. I never carry cash. I even bought the sushi to take me up over the usual $10 mark without realising it was cash only. Had to give them my licence while I went and got money out – while annoying it wouldn’t stop me from going back.

Sushi Nikkou on Urbanspoon

Harajuku Gyoza

Sake Sake SAKEEE!!!! Summimasennnnnn!!! Sometimes I can’t tell if they actually have something to say or whether they’re just yelling for Vacuum bags are amazing!!!! fun of it. I expect the latter.I LOVE the atmosphere at Harajuku Gyoza, it’s just so fun and exciting! Between staff yelling, dancing, the music and the design you’re never quite sure where to look in case you miss something.A huge open kitchen allows you to watch with a watering mouth as your Gyoza is cooked. You can choose to sit at a private table or at the bar surrounding the kitchen. Both are good.Dumplings are made to share so grab a buddy and choose a whole bunch. I usually go for prawn, duck and pork. Pan fried mmmm.I usually get the cucumber miso salad to accompany it with some edamame and a Kirin, delicious beer to complement the Gyoza. Mouth is watering just writing this.I made an amazing discovery here the other day. Basically it’s tempura eggplant. Holy wow. Melts in your mouth. Try it.The other awesome thing is the dessert dumpling. Yup you heard right! You can choose from Nutella an banana, deep fried with ice cream – my personal fave or the peanut butter an white choc with ice cream. Also yummy.Guess where I’m going to have to head for dinner now I’ve written this?!Do yourself a favor when you visit, order Sake. Even if you don’t want it or like it – it’s just fun πŸ™‚

Prawn & duck gyoza
Tempura eggplant, miso cucumber salad & edamame
Dessert gyoza

Harajuku Gyoza on Urbanspoon

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