Anndd Booked!

I’m going to Brisbane, lalalalalalaaaa….

Sooo excited to go and visit my friends! I don’t think that I’ve booked in enough time – check out my schedule:

Thursday: Fly in, visit with Celia, check out Sheike, Chan joining for dinner (Harajuku Gyoza?) Stay with Celia

Friday: Lunch in South Bank with my Rydges buddies, train to Goldie, catch up with Lauren, dinner with Mike & Kat, Sean’s 30th Bday, stay with Lauren

Saturday: Brunch with Lauren, Lunch with Ashy and bubs, train to Brizzy, Brisbane Lions game with Beck, party, wine, stay with Lisa

Sunday: Recovery, Kotobuki lunch with David and Lisa, hang with Kim and Sophie, Sunday session at Bacchus, cocktails, stay with Kim and Sophie

Monday: Road trip with Kylie, Kim, Sophie, Celia may join. Leaving dinner? Stay with Celia

Tuesday: Fly out at stupid o’clock. Far too early.

And that’s not all of it. Hectic! Just the way I like it.

And I really want to check out this Eat Street thing… anything else new where I should be dining/ partying Brisbaneites?



Friends – how do you meet them?

Wherever I am in the world and whoever I speak to people are always telling me how they would like new friends but they can’t meet them.

It seems that everyone would like someone more on their wave length.

Just tonight I read a blog about someone who had just moved and wanted new friends and spoke to a friend who would like new friends.

Then there’s my friends who are always telling me how much they miss me and want me to come home – understandable really, I am pretty cool.

There’s heaps of dating websites and apps to help you find new prospective dates but what is there for finding friends? There’s apps where you can decide if someone is hot or not that is in the same area but how do you find a friend that also likes long walks on the beach but not in a romantic way? Perhaps I just don’t know about them? I did hear of one called Meetups but I’ve never really taken the time to look into it and don’t know how popular it is in other places like New Zealand or Australia.

These days it is unusual to strike up a conversation with a stranger. In fact, when it does happen, we often tell people about it as it is such  an unusual occurrence.

A little friendly convo at the bus stop or waiting in line for coffee can make someone’s day or make someone really uncomfortable – how do you tell which is which? I think it is usually the former but people seem to be so suspicious of people’s motives these day sometimes they assume there is another reason.

Personally, I have never had an issue with meeting people and making friends. I guess that comes with travelling often and just being open and receptive to other people. My best mates are generally people that I have lived with or worked with – you get to know these people on another level. Highs and lows – you’ve shared them.

Since I moved to Vancouver I have met friends in all different ways and places. I have an amazing close group of girls (all bloody Aussie’s mind you but nonetheless) here – we all met at an Australian Club watching footy. I have met people through work and living situations but I’ve also met people in other situations. For instance one chick I met at a club – it’s unusual for a drunken-you’re-my-new-best-friend liaison to pass one night but 3 months later we still hang out. I met a wicked Kiwi chick at my fave shop – she is the manager there and picked up on my Kiwi accent. I have met numerous people through twitter – I am reasonably active on it and have been invited to a few meet-ups through it.

How do you make new friends?

Ps. I have found that wine sometimes helps 🙂
Pps. By sometimes I mean always.

Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival. C. S. Lewis

Last day in Brisbane

Well not quite. But basically. I am
back for a day after Japan but its gonna be hectic as and I’ll be unpacking and re-packing for NZ and Canada. I know I’ve said it before but I really do have SO much stuff. Gahh

Anyway back to my story, it’s my last day in Brisbane. Last day at work, last day staying with Kim and last day eating at my fave Japanese restaurant, Kotobuki!

While I feel a little sad I mainly feel excited and happy.

A few people were upset saying goodbye to me at work (thanks for the great times, new friends, Moët & Canadian $ work!) and while I didn’t like saying goodbye to them, it’s hard to feel sad as I have a trillion other things running through my mind. It’s like a list race in there of things that I need to do!

Anyway Japan in the morning, if I ever make it to the coast as Tay is stuck in work and we are likely stuck in traffic on the way there.. I’m currently sitting in her (messy) car typing this.

Gold Coast tonight to see my good friends SiGNatUre play a gig then back to theirs for a decent sleep before my flight.

See you in Japan!!


5 days to go

What a weekend.

Went out for dinner Friday.. Next thing you know it’s 1am and we’ve had a few Tikki cocktails! Benny came back home to annoy David and they played until Ben fell asleep outside my door on the floor – yep there was the sofa or the mattress but he chose the floor. Boys are weird.

Sat I spent packing and being domesticated cleaning and making pies. Plus a haircut. My good friend and hairdresser Kylie cried when I left. Hate making people cry.

I was going to head to the Lions game but ended up staying home as it was raining as I needed a nap. Next thing I know Lisa had arrived, then Tay & Shan. Got home at 4.30am.

Did I mention I had to move Sunday? Yeah so after 4 hours sleep I was up again getting ready. Everyone arrived at 12 and it was time to get cracking! Huge thanks to Pete for pretty much doing it all for me.4pm it was all done and we were back at Kim’s. she was already down a bottle of red wine so we joined her.Sophie and Kim had arranged an awesome dinner party. Roast for the main but my fave was the entree – roasted garlic with caramelised onions on toasted olive sourdough. Nom. With 6 boys visiting there were lots of bodies to feed!I snuck off to bed at 9.30 but people kept coming in to wake me up, come 12.30am I was still awake and the girls retired to bed.Have to cull more clothes this week, I thought I had it all done but I have SO much stuff. Ggrrr

5 days to go…

Lisa stole my phone
Shan & Tay stole my phone
Last night on my balcony


Team Tango!

When Benny called me and asked if I would do tango with him I actually had no idea what I was getting myself into. After I had to grab my laptop and google it and it wasn’t what I expected but I was still up for the challenge!

We had an amazing time with Angelique & Chris learning to dance. They are fantastic teachers and the smaller sized groups meant we had lots of one on one time to figure out the steps we (usually Ben) couldn’t get out head around.

I was actually pretty sad on the last day after our performance, as not only would I no longer get to invade Benny’s personal space with good reason but it meant that my fave time of the week was over and we had to say goodbye to the rest of the group.

Shame there wasn’t another class starting immediately after mine as I would have loved to continue!

If you’re in Brisbane and want to learn to dance (not just tango) give Angelique & Chris a call on 0479 170 818 at Evoke Dance and Theater company, or you can view their website here. I promise it will be fun!!

Our class video:

Some pics of Benny & I on our last day…

Tuppy’s for Brekky

Just up the road from my house is a little convenience store that does some fast food. Mainly fish and chips but also breakfast. Thankfully, they were open Easter Friday to cure my hangover!

Obviously I got a bit carried away eating before I managed to take this pic.

They do really cheap breakfast – 2 eggs, nice bacon, thick cut toast, a sausage, tomato and an orange juice for about $12.

Tuppy's on Urbanspoon

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