Nong Tang Noodle House, Melbourne Dumpling Find

I found Nong Tang Noodle House in Melbourne on Instagram, because obviously, I follow #dumplings! Don’t judge me. It’s my happy place.

I finally made it to Melbourne and took the crew there for dinner. It’s in a tiny alleyway filled with what looks like great food finds. I’d love to try the Sichuan place down the hall sometime too.

We ordered the spicy wontons to start (great chilli level and wrapper – not too hot), the XLB (very difficult not to break the dough and eat properly. Meat very soft & tasty), the pork & chive traditionally cooked pan fried dumplings (super juicy!) and the shanghai noodle (we couldn’t even finish the plate).

We had a feast and the total came to $13.60 each! We couldn’t even finish all the noodles. Unreal value. And it’s BYO.

Where’s your favorite place in Melbourne for dumplings? I still love Mr Jin Huang for XLB, Dumpling Table in South Yarra for pork and chive and Hutong for something a little fancier.

Damn it, now I feel like dumplings again. I’m trying to not eat so much at the moment and dumplings is the hardest to cut back on! I just love them so much!!!

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Could This Be Melbourne’s Best Xiao Long Bao?

I loooove XLB. Xiao long bao are those freaking tasty soup dumplings. Delicious pockets of goodness.

Soooo my hotel in Melbourne CBD was evacuated for fire for four hours and I became really sick of standing around outside in the cold. I meandered off and found Mr Huang Jin. I think I have been here before, many years ago. I have vague recollections.

I ordered a green tea (I was freezing) and the steamed chilli pork xiao long bao.


Great dumpling wrapper. Not too thick, not too thin. LOTS of soup – my favourite. I hate a dry XLB. Feels like you’ve been cheated. The chilli pork was a great combo. I’d love to try their two other flavours – a plain XLB & a laksa!

They use a different type of vinegar to what I’m used to. They’re usually served with a black vinegar but these came with a Taiwanese vinegar that was lighter and almost a little tangy. I added a tiny splash of soy and the fresh ginger always complements the flavours.

Most people don’t know how to eat XLB, there’s an etiquette you know?! So, you pick them up with your chopsticks & place them on your spoon. Then you bite off the top and blow to cool down the soup. Then you seal your mouth around the top and slurp up the soup! Next, you dip them in the vinegar sauce with fresh ginger and devour! Mmmm

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Dumpling Trail Richmond – A Vacation For Your Mouth

A vacation for your mouth… I love that! Smart marketing campaign, Richmond BC!

A Dumpling Trail. Can you imagine my excitement when I came across it on Twitter? I still didn’t realise it was an actual campaign, I thought it was just some bloggers in Vancouver going to town with the dumplings and making up hashtags.

Then I found the website… I may have squealed with excitement. And just like that, I knew what I was doing the next day!

The website is a fantastic resource – there’s itineraries, maps, fast facts. It’s a hive of information and I wanted to devour it all! It was like they had created a marketing campaign just for me and luckily other people would enjoy it too.

I checked out the dumpling itineraries on the site and came up with my own. I’m a huge fan of Xiao Long Bao (XLB soup dumplings) which automatically added R&H Chinese to my list. I also can’t go past a spicy wonton option – those bad boys make my mouth water when they’re done right! Xi’an Cuisine was rumoured to have the best ones around so they went on the list. I had a third option too, Golden Sichuan for more spicy dumplings, water boiled ones. I never made it there though as I was so full! I recommend taking a friend so you can get through more dishes.

R&H Chinese is at Lansdowne Centre Food Court. you get off the skytrain and turn right (I turned left, oops – lucky I enjoy walking and the sun was shining) to head into the small foodcourt. You go around and around and end up in the food court. There there was a large line up for the outlet already, turns out there’s no secret that these are fab dumplings. It took all my willpower not to order a bunch of plates and just the XLB. You can watch the staff make the dumplings right in front of you by hand while you wait. The wait was worth it, the XLB was delicious and full of soup! The wrappers weren’t too thick or thin, the broth was flavorsome and steaming hot. Perfect!

I walked to my next spot, Xi’an Cuisine at Richmond Public Markets.  It’s a very unassuming place. You have no idea about the buzz on the inside from the outside. It’s a plain building, I thought I was in the wrong place! You enter, go up some stairs and come out in an open spaced hawker-style market, bustling with people and stalls and eateries. I ordered my spicy wontons (again, so many things I wanted to try) and waited, people watching. These are hands down the best spicy wontons I have eaten. And believe me, I have eaten soooo many spicy wontons! They were soft and silky with a delicious filling and the sauce, oh the sauce!!! I actually drank it from my spoon when I was finished. It was both spicy and sweet, not too hot though. I was in a very happy place right there.

A very happy place and a very full place. I couldn’t eat any more if I tried. That was the end of the dumpling trail for me unfortunately, although fortunately for my waistline.

Awesome tourism idea – I loved it and wish I had more time to sample the entire list of twenty!

Check out their website here and create your own dumpling trail – awesome day out for a group of friends who love those little parcels of goodness that we call dumplings.

Taste Gallery, Sunnybank, Brisbane

Every* Friday at work we have started trying a new place for dumplings.

That’s right, the dumpling craze has spread from myself to my wonderful colleagues! Moahahahaa.

Anyway, this fateful Friday we headed down the highway to Sunnybank to try out Taste Gallery.

The dumplings were great, particularly the xiao long bao. Really juicy and the wrapper wasn’t too thick. We had the fluffy pan fried pork buns, pan fried beef dumplings (interesting they don’t do pork?) and the Wonton in spicy sauce.

The stand outs were the stir fried green beans chilli sauce (also with pork mince) and the combination stir fried noodle. Both of which disappeared in about two seconds flat.

The lazy susan and round table made it easier for us all to chat instead of the long tables we are used to. And you can watch them make the dumplings!

Good choice.

*Most. No, sometimes.

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Hawker Hall, Windsor, Melbourne

The new venture of the Chin Chin Group, we checked out Hawker Hall on Chapel street for some Asian eats. It’s a food and beer hall inspired by the Singaporean hawkers markets.

There was a 40 minute wait but we happily popped next door to Boston Sub for a cocktail first
(try rumble in the jungle – yummm + strong) in what seems to be a cheap takeaway sub place but has a vibin’ bar out the back.

I don’t think it was even 40 minutes before we got the text and we were over there ready to order. First up, pork and chive wontons in chili and black bean sauce, braised shitake and broccolini in oyster sauce, roti canai rollaed with egg curry sauce followed by the beef rendang curry.

The roti and the dumplings were the stand out plates for me. The curry was beautiful and rich too but we had over ordered by that stage. Oh and the cocktail! Sugary sweet strawberry daiquiri!

They’ve done well to create a hawker-like vibe with the casual fitout and lit food signs down the back. The staff are even in their own casual clothing.

On a scale of great to amazing it’s closer to great but well worth checking out.

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Din Tai Fung, Melbourne

What’s a trip to Melbourne without some dumplings?!

I have only ever visited Din Tai Fung in Singapore and was excited to find them in Melbourne. Lisa and I were starving by the time we go there and devastated to find a line up. Luckily then wait was only 10 minutes.

It’s a great system, you get a buzzer to hold until they are ready for you and an ordering sheet. Once called you go straight in, confirm your order and you’re away!

I was surprised at the size of the restaurant, they must be doing well to have a line out the door still!

We ordered the xiao long bao, truffle xiao long bao, water spinach with garlic, spicy wontons, pork and veg steamed bun and some Chinese tea.

I was surprised to find the xiao long bao wrappers were quite chewy and sticky. They held the soup well but were a bit different to what I remember.

The pork and vegetable steamed bun was average at best. No flavour and the bun wasn’t even fluffy.

The spinach and the wontons however, were excellent! The tea was also delightful.

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