Dinesty Dumpling House, Vancouver

Dinesty Dumpling House had been recommended to me by friends who used to live in Vancouver. I’m a big xiao long bao fan and apparently they have the best around.

Our table of two extended to become a table of five, I don’t think the wait staff were too pleased but it was great for me as there were more dishes I could try!
To start, pork xiao long bao & pork buns. Xiao long bao was on point. And super cheap, I could go there and just eat plates of them! The pork buns were quite oily and I wasn’t as sold on them. Much prefer to stick to the steam dumplings but you never know until you try!
Next round, scallop, prawn and squid stir fry with vegetables. I’ve been craving vegetables and this did the trick. Beautiful and fresh seafood and Veges with a simple white garlic sauce.

I sampled the basa sweet and sour which was full of flavour and beautifully cooked and also the homemade noodles which were silky and flavoursome.
When I left I was so full as I wanted to try everything! Definitely worth checking out. Great Chinese food at a reasonable price point.

Hot tip: arrive before 9.30pm even though they close at ten. Last orders are at about 9.25pm – I learnt the hard way.

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New Shanghai, Dumpling Lovers Must Try In Brisbane 

Want delicious, cheap, handmade dumplings?
In Queens Plaza you’ll find this gem.

I’ve been here twice lately – it’s that good. So good, that the friend who came with me the first time, she’s been three times! All within the space of a week.

On our first visit we had pork xiao long bao with the pork and Chive steamed dumplings and both were incredible. Juicy and fresh – you can’t get enough of them! The shepherds purse and pork wontons with chilli, peanut and sesame sauce were different, I had heard through UrbanList to give them a whirl. The chilli and the peanut sauce are a unique combination and one to be tried for yourself!

Round two we went to town. Two lots of xiao long bao juicy dumplings, shepherds purse, wok sautéed spinach with garlic and pork pan fried pork pot stickers.

Both times we washed everything down with chrysanthemum tea, the perfect combo.

Service is good, food comes fast and there is a humming atmosphere.

Highly recommend. Plus they just opened in Myer centre!

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Noodles and Dumplings, Palmerston North

I never knew this place existed so close to home! Probably lucky as I would be twice my size if I had! 
Noodles and dumplings is on the Square tucked in by Trumps, my brother’s girlfriend recommended it otherwise I would never have known. 

The five of us ordered:

  • 2x leek & pork steamed dumplings 
  • Pork & vegetable steamed dumplings 
  • Pan fried pork dumplings 
  • Pork buns 
  • Sweet & sour pork 
  • Chicken fried rice 
  • Bok choi in garlic 

So upon reflection I can see that I did order too much. At the time though, it seemed like the right amount. Little did we realise that each plate of dumplings had 16 of them on there… We massively over ordered. But damn were we happy!! 

Dumplings for days! And at $9 a plate super cheap. 

They were all delicious. The steamed pork and vegetable were probably my faves. We ate and we ate and we ate.

There’s free (weak) Chinese tea, average service and decor but it’s cheap and the dumplings are awesome. I will be back here each  time I go home from now on! 


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Juicy Dumplings, Prahran, Melbourne

Well if the name has anything to go by, it’s got to be good, right?! Juicy & dumplings. Starts with a winning combination if you ask me!

Plus it was duck week there… Definitely my kind of place.

Duck dumplings, vegetarian dumplings in chilli sauce and xiao long bao – their specialty and my favourite of the three we ordered. Duck was a close contender though!

Service is average but I didn’t expect much – it’s cheap and has a quick turnover. You serve yourself and order at the counter.

I did manage to win a big smile from the lady making the dumplings in the front window as I walked out and told her that her dumplings were delicious.

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A week in Melbourne 

Okay. Not quite a week. Just 5 days. But with the amount I fitted in, it felt like a week!

I went over for work (mainly for a Dairy conference) and extended for the weekend.

I managed to catch up with most of my friends there – dinners, lunches & coffees plus a little partying!

I couldn’t wait to get out to Albert Lake where my hotel was but with a heavy schedule & terribly cliché Melbourne weather, I only made it on the final day for a quick stop on my way back from lunch.

I attended an awards gala with only a few hours notice – thank good Nikita came to the party with a dress for me to borrow.

I won’t lie, I spent most of my time eating dumplings. Dumplings at Hutong, dumplings at Dumpling Table, dumplings at Shanghai dumplings and dumplings at Juicy Dumplings. Dumplings, dumplings, dumplings. Yum!

I visited Mr Miyagi in Windsor for dinner and drinks with friends which I will write about soon – it was damn good! Great atmosphere & food. Fun times. The same night we had drinks at The Woods of Windsor – an intimate bar with knowledgeable bartenders and the best playlist I’ve heard in a long time! 50’s Rock N roll on Pandora they told me.

Friday night we started at Royal Saxon then on to Le Bon Ton and Grace & Laundry in Fitzroy.

My lovely friend Sammy treated me to a facial & microdermabrasion, we had a double room and laughed the whole way through – especially at our rubber masks!

Lisa & I rediscovered the streets, stopping at random festivals and exploring Hosier Lane.

Saturday night we went to a new bar for me, Terminus in Abbotsford. It was good to begin but it became quickly too packed upstairs.

Great to have been back in the old hood with all my friends!                                  

Melbourne – time flies

I decided it was time I went back to Melbourne. My dumpling cravings were ridiculous and I supposed I should catch up with my friends too!

I managed to escape the massive storm of cyclone Marcia, although I was half waiting for them to cancel my flights.

Once in Melbourne I bussed then trained to Nikita’s house who was having such a ball that she forgot to meet me! We ran into her apartment to get changed only to find there was no power so I changed and did my makeup in the dark.

The waiting cab took us to the Saxon in Richmond where Rosie and some of their other friends were waiting. I downed a few cocktails to catch up before heading to Chappelli’s where we shared a bottle of champagne and downed a chicken risotto, garlic bread and chips.

Pawn & Co was next on the cards and we stayed there until late. Or early.

Saturday I spent time with Nikita & Rosie (including a dumpling run to Hutong) then headed to Hawthorne to visit Lisa. She has a great new house and talked me into doing a new painting for her room. We made dinner and settled in to watch a movie.

Sunday we met Nikita for brunch and afterwards Lisa and I went to the city. I bought a great leather mini at Zara.

Sammy picked me up after I had devoured some more dumplings. I met her beautiful Chow puppy, Hugo and we settled in at Beachside in St a Kilda for some ciders. My very good friend Adam, his lovely fiancée Sally and Mum Fiona met us and we laughed the afternoon away.

So much so that I nearly missed my flight! Yet again I was running through the airport to make my flight. Finally got on the plane and they shit the doors only for a siren to go off. The plane was grounded for 1.5 hours and after all those coders I was busting for the bathroom!

I sat next to a hilarious guy from Brisbane, we chatted the whole time. He actually made me cry with laughter 7 times ( I was super tired) and I managed to make him cry once. Fair effort I thought!









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