Harajuku Gyoza on a Wednesday

Wednesday. I would never have driven if I had predicted how the evening would fold out!

I love Harajuku Gyoza. It’s loud. It’s Japanesy. People are excited. The dumplings rock. So do the sides. And the beer. It’s easy to find in Fortitude Valley. Happy days.

My fave part of the restaurant though is the yelling when people order their sake. It is absolutely hilarious and soooo much fun.

Lisa, Beck and I headed there on one of our semi-regular catch ups. We ordered all the dumplings… like everything on the menu and some! I also had the cucumber & miso salad and we shared the eggplant and pork belly – I can’t fault anything!

I asked for a Kirin beer – Lisa thought I had ordered a cider and was appalled to find she had ordered a beer. All the more for me though! We decided she would drive my car home and I would drink her beer. Win, win.

The guys across from us ordered sake and we fell into complete hysterics at the faces they made – one guy in particular was horrified. So we decided to order some. It’s way too fun not to join in! A guy from the horrified face table joined us and accused us of not drinking all our sake. He quickly took great offence to us enquiring whether he was a Kiwi. While we were bickering his friend sent us over 3 more sake shots for his amusement. I was pretty much done by that stage but with some encouragement we all picked up our glasses and threw them back. Our ‘lovely’ friend departed but not before commenting that we were all ‘beautiful ladies as long as we kept our mouths shut’ which had us dissolve into absolute fits of laughter.

Great night!






Dumpling Sisters, Melbourne CBD

I had a good food experience today and I had a bad one. This, fortunately, was the good one!

I saw the name briefly pop up on urbanspoon when I was perusing the streets yesterday in search of lunch then stumbled across it on Exhibition Street today by Lonsdale Street.

It looks like a plain, boring, cheap joint. While it is cheap, it’s certainly not boring or plain, the food is fantastic and there was a constant stream of customers who I overheard chatting about their fave menu items – obviously regulars. I now intend to become one of them too.

I thought I would try something different and ordered the pork dumplings in hot and spicy soup. Now I don’t like hot and I certainly don’t like spicy so I have but no idea what made me think to choose this menu item! I pondered this as I sipped on my herbal tea during the extremely short wait (about 4 mins) for my soup to be bought over.

A huge serve and boy, it was delicious! The dumplings were slightly different from most as they had some crunch to them. Maybe bamboo sprouts or something that will hold it’s texture after cooking. It made for a pleasant surprise.

The soup wasn’t overly hot and spicy but I definitely drank more tea than I usually would!

I can’t wait to go back and try more menu items! 5/5!

Dumpling Sisters on Urbanspoon

Shanghai Street Dumplings, Melbourne CBD

Hidden away up Little Bourke is this small restaurant, nothing special looking about it. That is, until you try the dumplings.

There’s usually a little line outside, we were lucky there weren’t many small groups so out little table for two came up quickly.

I’d heard rumours they were good but I had no idea how true they were!

We started with pan fried pork dumplings, followed by Shanghai street noodles and Xaio Long Bao (steamed) – all were delicious.

They were all huge servings and about $9 a plate. We couldn’t even eat half of it.

My favourite was the pan fried dumplings, absolute perfection. I eat a lot of dumplings, I’d know.

Worth the wait.






Shanghai Street Dumpling on Urbanspoon

The Dumpling Table, South Yarra

A friend and I stumbled here last night as it ticked off the two prerequisites we had: dumplings & BYO. Plus is was right by our apartments.

We ordered the pork steamed dumpling, the chicken and prawn dumplings in soup and steamed beef dumplings too.

Everything was good but the pork dumplings were awesome!! For only $9 you get 15!! Super cheap and delicious.

Great for a place to grab a bite and enjoy some wines before town!


UPDATE** Nov 2018 and I still love visitng dumpling table for veges and dumplings!




The Dumpling Table Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Harajuku Gyoza

Sake Sake SAKEEE!!!! Summimasennnnnn!!! Sometimes I can’t tell if they actually have something to say or whether they’re just yelling for Vacuum bags are amazing!!!! fun of it. I expect the latter.I LOVE the atmosphere at Harajuku Gyoza, it’s just so fun and exciting! Between staff yelling, dancing, the music and the design you’re never quite sure where to look in case you miss something.A huge open kitchen allows you to watch with a watering mouth as your Gyoza is cooked. You can choose to sit at a private table or at the bar surrounding the kitchen. Both are good.Dumplings are made to share so grab a buddy and choose a whole bunch. I usually go for prawn, duck and pork. Pan fried mmmm.I usually get the cucumber miso salad to accompany it with some edamame and a Kirin, delicious beer to complement the Gyoza. Mouth is watering just writing this.I made an amazing discovery here the other day. Basically it’s tempura eggplant. Holy wow. Melts in your mouth. Try it.The other awesome thing is the dessert dumpling. Yup you heard right! You can choose from Nutella an banana, deep fried with ice cream – my personal fave or the peanut butter an white choc with ice cream. Also yummy.Guess where I’m going to have to head for dinner now I’ve written this?!Do yourself a favor when you visit, order Sake. Even if you don’t want it or like it – it’s just fun 🙂

Prawn & duck gyoza
Tempura eggplant, miso cucumber salad & edamame
Dessert gyoza

Harajuku Gyoza on Urbanspoon

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