Update, Canada living

Well I thought it’s well about time I gave an update on my life and not just about where I eat!

I’ve settled into Vancouver, living right on Stanley Park on the 18th floor. I have ridiculous views of the park and out across second beach and English Bay. I have the cutest little Chinese flat mate, Amanda. She cracks me up everyday with her funny words (still learning English) and the funny things she does. Like coming out looking like a monster a few times a week when she wears this crazy paper face mask! Lose my shit every time!

Last week I got a job! Whoooop yay me! I was actually starting to make contingency plans for if I didn’t get a role. I was potentially ooking at leaving for NZ but all at once I had a huge amount of calls for interviews and I found a job I really wanted. Next day it was mine! So I’m now the Account Co-ordinator – Social Media at Mediatonic PR. It’s a lifestyle and boutique agency, different to anything I’ve done before but I hope to learn a lot, especially in PR. They’re a lot heavier on the strategy side than I’m used to and I hate tracking every minute of my day but I love that I get to go to Kelowna for the Centre of Gravity Festival next week and all to the other great events I get to be involved in.

I have some great friends and I actually had to buy a diary to keep up with my social engagements! I hate being bored so I’m constantly on the go meeting people for dinner, lunch, walks, drinks, shopping etc. Hilariously they’re almost all Aussies – I can’t get away from the buggers!

Anyway gotta run, off to another dinner date.




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