Hamilton Island, Day One

This is my 6th trip back to the Whitsundays – I adore Hamilton Island!

This area of the world is just breathtaking – flying in is gorgeous.

My two tour guides, Liz & Shara met me at the airport with our golf buggy to start exploring. They’re friends of my cousin, Melissa who was at work.

After a quick change (into a bikini of course) we went for a spin around the island. And by spin, I mean crawl – the golf buggy really doesn’t go that fast.

We stopped for a cocktail at One Tree Hill lookout then headed to the beach to chill int he sun and swim before picking up Melissa a few hours later.

We had dinner at my fave place, Coca Chu. Delicious food!! My fave is the lobster wrapped in betel leaf.

I love being back on the island, it’s such a relaxing place. It was meant to storm the entire time but now the forecast isn’t looking too bad!
















Hamilton Island – booked!

I couldn’t decide what to do for Australia Day this year but after a quick chat to my cousin, Melissa who lives on Hamilton Island, my mind was made up.

I’ve been to Hamilton Island every year for the past 6 except for last year so it’s well time I got back.

This time I plan to do all of the hikes/ walks I can and get in some snorkelling and fishing.

Can’t wait!

Any suggestions for things to do or places to eat on Hamilton Island?


Best on Hamilton Island – CoCa Chu

CoCa Chu – best on Hamo!

I can not even describe to you how amazing the food at CoCa Chu is.
My mouth is watering just thinking about it. If you’re on Hamilton Island you MUST visit.

Coca Chu is an Asian infused restaurant, fine dining in a casual area, right on the waterfront.

While it can be a little difficult to find the place (maybe it was the two mojito’s I had earlier and my obvious lack of geographical knowledge) but is worth a little wander in some beautiful tropical gardens to find.

Lobster dish

We were lucky enough to be friends with a great guy who had been invited by the Chef to check CoCa Chu out, he in turn invited us and next thing I know there is a table of 16 of us making our delectable way through an 8 course tasting.I had no idea about this restaurant, what food it served, what style or what to expect and due to dinner the night before being less than average I suppose I didn’t have high hopes. If I had had high hopes, even these would have been exceeded. The food is superb and the service outstanding.As we had a tasting menu, I have no idea what half the things we ate were, however I will try to explain. All dishes were served in the middle to share.

Dish 1: lobster with herbs & spices. You took the lobster and spooned some into a leaf which you wrapped up and ate. I’m a huge seafood lover and they were off to a fab start!

Dish 2: Soft boiled Duck? eggs, crumbed and with a barbeque like sauce. As you can tell I have no idea really what this was. I wouldn’t have even tried it I it weren’t for the Swashbuckling Pirate egging (get it?) me on. She thought it was great. So I put the half serving in my mouth, and was pleasantly surprised. Not only did I like it, I wanted more. I ave now learnt that these are called Son in Law Eggs.

Whole deep fried snapper

Dish 3: Next up, steamed pork gyoza. I’m a huge gyoza fan and have become a little picky. These were amazing. I had Swashbuckling pirates share too.

Dish 4: Corn fritters with a. Sweet chili sauce. Not sure I’m doing these justice by calling them corn fritters.

Dish 5: Rabbit curry with rice and pickled cucumber & mushrooms. Must admit this was my least favorite dish but only because I’m not a huge rabbit fan. I wasn’t concerned though as there was more than enough of the other plates to go around!


Dish 6: This was up there with one of my favorites. I’d never tried it before and I loved it so much that I am going to attempt to make it! Pumpkin curry with vegetables. Oh my wow. I’m in awe of this dish. Dish 7: Whole deep fried snapper in Chinese herbs and spices with a tropical salad. Chef’s specialty – and I know why. Yumm!!!!Dish 8: Fresh lychees, raspberry & mango sorbet and green tea ice cream. Perfect finish to a scrumptious mealComplements to the Chef!!

Pumpkin curry – this pic doesn’t do it ANY justice
Near demolished dessert

CoCa Chu on Urbanspoon

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