Hawaii Day One

Paradise. I can’t explain it better.

I love this place!

I arrived at 11pm last night. My hotel room is huge and has a nice view. I was straight to sleep, excited to see Hawaii in the light of day!

I had a huge, full on day. Woke up at 9.30, walked to the beach. First thing I wanted to see! I wanted to have breakfast on the waterfront but the first few I arrived at weren’t doing it so I found some takeaway fruit. Sat down and made friends with a local who works at the beach. Nice guy, told me all they do is work, smoke weed and listen to music. That’s typical island life evidently.

Went for a walk around the beach, found some markets to browse and had my first experience of someone yelling ‘Hey Kiwi’ at me. Turns out he was from New York – so no idea how he aced that one but now lives here. We chatted for a bit and he asked for my number so I gave him my USA one thinking I would top it up later.

Lunch was amazing. Cool locations, Jimmy Buffetts. Great service. I had a tuna ahi salad and a mai tai mmm

Visited Apple to get my phone fixed – no luck, just a reset required. Nearly bought everything in Bebe but resisted.

Strolled around, got talked into a pedi – I was gonna get one anyway. Hilarious Vietnamese lady telling me not to get in a relationship before 30.

Walked around some more and a guy chases me down the street – he said he just had to say hello. Haha. Sweet guy, working on a video clip here with his cousins, from Brooklyn. Gave him my USA number. Said maybe I’d meet him for a drink later..

Went back to hotel, I’d run out of money! Had a mini nap and applied the back up on my phone.

Realised I had no plans for next week so went and booked some tours to keep me busy. Went for another huge walk and watched the sunset on the beach before settling in to watch a traditional show.

Met another guy walking back, he said ‘I must say, you look phenomenal in those shorts’ and I was all – Hello accent. Nice guy, he added me on Facebook.

Just went to get my dinner, the ramen place I had picked out seems to be the most popular in Waikiki! Line went for miles. Screw that, I was hungry. Passed a taco place, Surf N Turf Waikiki, so I had fresh fish tacos with guacamole. Thank goodness I did – it was amazing!!!

So, funny story, gave my US number to those boys and turns out it was inactive! Oops.

Have not the slightest clue how, but all the locals seem to know in Kiwi. The amount of times I’ve heard ‘Hey Kiwi’ or ‘Aotearoa’ today is crazy… I look just like any other tourist here!

Back to the hotel for a drink at the bar before bed.

6.50am pick up in the morning!








Saying goodbye is such sweet sorrow

It ain’t sweet at all!

I hate goodbyes. This is well known. I avoid them at all costs.

Usually at the airport I’m worried my Mum will cry. That brings me pretty close to tears. Other people’s emotions seem to have a greater effect on me than my own. Well today it was my turn. For the first time ever, I cried saying goodbye to my family at the airport. And ironically, my Mum didn’t! Haha.

I can never sleep the night before a morning flight. Not well anyway. I toss and turn and ponder. Always hoping I don’t miss my flight. I’ve done that a few times.

Last night I dreamt I was staying at a hotel and I turned my alarm off. I ‘woke’ up when the girls from the room next door I’d met the night before noticed I was still sleeping and came knocking. I accepted their lift to Auckland airport and got out, running to the international terminal to make my flight even though I knew I was an hour late. Unknowingly I dropped my keys as I ran and a lovely man tapped my shoulder to return them. That was when I realised I didn’t have my luggage. I’d left it in the car. With the girls I didn’t know or have contact details for. Now I had missed my flight and lost my luggage. That’s when I woke up.

I couldn’t find my phone to check the time but knew I was awake pretty early. Eventually got up to check my phone and it was 5.40am, well before my 6.25am alarm. I couldn’t go back to sleep and instead woke up grumpy.

Fast forward and I’m on the plane to Auckland. Hoping I make my flight to Honolulu as we were 20mins late departing and I only have less than an hour to get to the international airport, go through security and board. Wish me luck!

See you in Honolulu.


Four more sleeps

The countdown is on. In four more sleeps I will be leaving New Zealand and embarking on my adventure to Hawaii and Vancouver.

I am really sad to be leaving New Zealand. I have been having such a fantastic time and it saddens me to leave my family knowing I may not see them again for up to a year. That will be the longest time I have spent apart from them. Thank goodness for skype, viber andΒ iPhone’s!!

So while I am sad I am also incredibly excited. I have always wanted to visit Hawaii. It seems like a magical place. Touristy, but magical. I will be travelling alone but I don’t mind. 8 days in paradise, I’m sure I can make some friends.

THEN the big adventure begins. My visa has come through and I am moving to Vancouver for a year. Having never been to Vancouver, or Canada, I am super excited to get there and have a look around my home for the next year. I have rented a place in Coal Harbour for the first 3 weeks and I will take things from there.

Working in Digital Marketing, I really, REALLY want to maintain my skills and stay in my field. It changes so fast. Fingers crossed I can find a role in an industry I am passionate about while staying in digital. Wish me luck!!

And now to attempt to sleep, while my mind is racing of my new adventures.

Sweet Dreams!

Hawaii Noms

Ahi Poke

There is so much I want to eat in Hawaii. Could almost be a food tour!

I am going to eat so much fish in Hawaii it is going to be ridiculous. They eat heaps of Ahi (Tuna), ahi poke, a common mixture of raw ahi, onions, peppers and soy (basically sashimi with vegies) is even sold in all the supermarkets!! Mmmm can’t wait.

Seared Poke

I’m assuming a Luau is the equivalent of a Hangi. I don’t really appreciate well cooked food but I will give it a go! The show itself will be cool to see.

Can’t wait to try Guri Guri, a frozenΒ HawaiianΒ (hopefully dairy free) dessert. Looks yummy.

There are heaps of buffets… sushi buffets… I’m going to get so fat.

Then there is all the fresh fruit… can’t wait to browse the farmers markets!

Must work out heaps before I go there ready for the excess weight upon arrival.

Guri Guri

Visa so hard

Getting my visa is proving painful… or rather perhaps I should just learn to read instructions properly.

It’s not that it is hard… Just frustrating.

So today, I ran around getting a ‘digital’ photograph of myself to the required specifications for my Visa. Nobody did actual digital ones so I headed to Aus Post & just got passport pics done then scanned them.

I thought that was the last part I had to complete for my Visa and I was well under way to getting it back in good time before I left for Hawaii. Was pretty amped to be honest and relieved to have it gone.

You see for a NZ police check you just have to sign a release form. What I didn’t realise however was that as I had lived in Australia over 6 months I had to get an Australian one also. And theirs takes up to 15 working days. 3 weeks! That’s three weeks too long. (Insert smart quip about Aussie’s not being as efficient as Kiwi’s here.)

Now I will potentially be in Hawaii, about to leave for Vancouver, before I even get my Visa… cutting it fine alright! That’s if the police check takes the 3 weeks and the visa takes 8 weeks… any longer on either side and there is the possibility I could be stuck in Hawaii…

Could be worse!!

Stuck here.. Damn.

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