Deighton Cup -Thoroughbred

A day at the races is always a fantastic way to spend time.

Add Vancouver’s best dressed, bottles upon bottles of Champagne, flowing cocktails, cigars and you’ve got yourself an entire day of fantastic people watching.

I think the men even outdid the ladies in the fashion stakes – dapper and handsome, they were all dressed to impress.

I have no idea where they all get their incredible outfits and inspiration. Some of them were jaw dropping. There was even a lady carrying a birdcage as a bag.

Miss America was hosting. She made the right choice in the style stakes. Not that I have any idea but the lady she chose was impeccably dressed and just gorgeous.

The more beverages consumed the more interesting the people watching and this definitely highlighted that.

A wonderful set up, from the open tents to the cute paddock with luxurious cars lined up to gaze at as you sipped champagne on the couches under the trees waiting for the races.

My only regret, not wearing heels. I thought if be running around with media all day so wore some cute sandals. Terrible idea. Heels for sure next time! Although as you’ll see in my last pic, even they don’t last long. 20130811-141506.jpg20130811-141514.jpg20130811-141522.jpg20130811-141530.jpg20130811-141537.jpg







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