Ladurée, Ginza Mitsukoshi, Tokyo

Such opulence. I suddenly felt underdressed in my casual travel gears.

It’s like walking into a princesses high tea. Everything is pastel and luscious looking, themed to the last tiny detail.

Rose pink velvet chairs with matte silver studs, pastel mint and pink coloured ribbon hangs behind all the beautiful boxes you can put your sweets in.

Greeted by a hostess if you’re sitting in, I had to wait for a table. It wasn’t for long and in the meanwhile I admired the beautiful uniforms of the girls working there. In front of me was the take-away display cabinet, full with a variety of incredibly intricately detailed pastries, macaroons and other sweets. It really looks fit for a princess.

I was actually excited being led to my table as I could see I had a good one! Seated in a corner in front of the window, I looked right over a busy intersection in Ginza and could people watch my heart away.

Beautifully coloured roses (matching the pastels) were in a vase and a wine glass of iced water was placed in front of me with the menu.

Considering Ladurèe isn’t THAT high priced, the setting and service is impeccable.

I made my selection, the Thè Mèlange Spècial Ladurèe with La Fraise & Pierre Hermè’s Ispahan.

I can’t even begin to tell you how delicious they both were.

La Fraise was $900¥ ($9$). So intricate. Red with pale spots and a green stem, inside we’re layers of Strawberry mousseline, strawberry confit and coconut biscuit. It was so soft and delicious. Melt in your mouth.

The Pierre Hermè’s Ispahan also about 900¥ ($9) was just as good. Raspberries & lychees – you can’t really go wrong. The crunchiness of the outside of the rose macaroon with the softness of the fruit is a sensation in itself. So beautiful.

My tea, also delicious. I don’t even usually drink tea so that speaks for itself! It was a ‘Ladurèe blend tea scented with orange, rose, vanilla, cinnamon.’ Simply delightful.

I sat and watched and ate and drank. Well worth the 3000¥ or $30aud that I spent. Perfect for a spot of indulgence.







La Fraise


Tokyo: Day Three

I know this will come as a surprise, but I had yet another huge day! It’s not even 5.30pm and I’m exhausted.

I am currently sitting atop the Fuji TV Headquarters (only $5aud to get up) in a globe shaped observatory patiently waiting for a hopefully beautiful sunset. Sun doesn’t seem to be doing much though so thought I’d start this.

I slept in this morning then headed to Shinjuku where I visited the Tokyo Metropolitan Government buildings. They have an observatory (free) on the 45th floor. It was a great place to get a view of Tokyo.

Next stop was Ginza. I really wanted to go to a patisserie called Laduree after seeing this blog. Thanks guys! So glad I made an effort to go there and find the place, what incredible opulence and delectable goodies. I could have eaten everything in there. I will write a separate blog about it.

After filling up in sugary goodness I went for a walk around Ginza which is basically a very upmarket shopping area, lots of wealth.

I ended up walking to the Tsjukiji fish markets. I just wondered around for ages looking at all the different fresh fish, dried fish, shell fish and food on offer. To see the big fish bought in you have to get up and be there by 5am so this was my attempt haha.
Being the freshest seafood around I thought I should sample some of the fish. After carefully selecting a restaurant (there are literally hundreds in the markets) I was guide by the chef to try a tasting plate of different guides on tuna. YUM!! This was followed by some scallop and salmon nigari and a green tea. By now I was well and truly full. Three meals and only mid afternoon!

I followed the path to Hama-Rikyu Gardens and spent about half an hour walking around the peonies and different fields. I realised I could take a boat somewhere and found it it was to Odaiba, another spot I wanted to visit! So I bought a ticket ($6aud) and took this crazy looking sea bus under the Rainbow Bridge. Beautiful sights, I recommend checking it out.

You arrive on the waterfront so I went for a walk around before heading to DECKS Tokyo Beach, a shopping mall designed to resemble a cruise ship deck. While a cool design, it was pretty boring inside.

Next on the list was FUJI TV Headquarters where I sit right now waiting for the sun to do something cool. It STILL hasn’t. Come on buddy.

Anyway after this it’s back to Shinjuku to meet my mate Ichi for dinner at an Isakaya – will write more then!

So happy I got to see Ichi, he bought me an amazing Japanese meal – radish salad, edamame, lotus root, chicken karagi & octopus flavoured with wasabi. So delicious!

We went for a walk around Shinjuku – I love that place! So many bright lights and so much fun! We went into an arcade and took some super cute photos 🙂 thanks for a great night Ichi!











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