Alberta Roadie – Day 2

It actually feels like we have been away a week! Such long days and so much travelling.

Today we woke up and went to the hostel cafe for breakfast. Should have known by now that it would e crap but was still surprised to did my scrambled eggs were fried eggs flicked around and cut up. Yuck.

Off we went to Lake Moraine – a bigger drive than Lake Louise but just as stunning.

A huge rock pile towers the lake so we took our time climbing up, taking pics (Merica in full blown model mode) and pausing for the cutest chipmunk to climb up to us.

Of course when we arrived at the top we discovered steps up from the other side – a much easier option.

We took the 1A from Lake Louise to Banff – it’s the scenic route, much less used but more likely chance to find wildlife.

And that we did! We thought it was a moose and although it was an elk it was still super exciting to pull over and stand right by it as it grazed with its huge antlers. A crowd gathered Nd we headed off on search of Bears. No such luck.

Banff is a beautiful town, very picturesque – set in between mountains and like a little snow retreat – think all wooden shop fronts, lots of ski shops. Supposedly this is the busy season in summer but it was pretty quiet.

Vanessa and I wandered the streets, just browsing and drinking tea passing time while Merica worked.

Food was sooo much better than Lake Louise! My prawn linguine with tomato basil and garlic butter went down fine.

Oh! I nearly forgot! I had this amazing Beavertail – it’s like a flat donut with your choice of toppings. We ended up with half sugar and choc banana. Choc banana was my fave – so yumm!!

We trooped on to Calgary where our hostel is under mega construction – we couldn’t even find it. We dumped out stuff and went straight to the pub. None of us were feeling it so back home for bed!














Alberta Roadie – Lake Louise

It felt like it took forever to get there. Somewhere between waking up at 3am after going to bed at midnight and stopping all the time for poor Vanessa to vomit we finally made it.

Our hostel was very cute – a log cabin. We went straight to sleep on arrival. Actually first we went next door to the pub for a shitty meal. It’s better to be forgotten.

When revived again we drive to Lake Louise for a looksie. I’d heard it was beautiful but it was really breathtaking. The higher up you get the more turquoise the lake is. Simply stunning, my pictures don’t do it justice yet say more than I can.

A hilarious impromptu photo shoot ensued, Merica acting like a supermodel – multiple poses in each location. I think Vanessa thought we were crazy with all our photos we wanted!

We were even lucky enough to see a porcupine! It didn’t care we were around – happy as looking for food.

It’s light until about 11pm in Lake Louise so we stayed playing around at the lake until about 9, only to find upon arrival back in ‘town’ that nothing was open for dinner! 3 restaurants later we had almost given up. A fourth was recommended and thankfully we made their last serving. Or maybe not thankfully. Food was shit yet again. I ordered bruschetta, I just wanted something light and fresh but I ended up with pizza bread. It was just thick garlic bread with tomato pasta sauce on it and cheese. Yuck. So much for fresh. Feeling unsatisfied we retired to bed.












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