Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder, Melbourne

We met Lisa here for brunch and although I’m not a massive fan of coriander I took a dive and ordered the coriander corn fritters with smoked salmon and a poached egg.

It looked great but the fritter wasn’t what I expected. Instead of being mainly corn it was mainly a flour texture with a few pieces of corn thrown in. The three of us were quite disappointed as we had all ordered it.

I also ordered a chai with almond milk – yay almond milk! Except they made it from scratch is guess and while I’m sure it was good quality, I’m used to the sweet crap they usually serve at cafes which made it taste very spicy to me. I had to add a pack of sugar to make it drinkable.

The egg and salmon were good though so I’d probably give them another chance as I have heard good things.



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Miss Chu, South Yarra, Melbourne

If I lived in Melbourne I would hands down be a regular here!

We were starving so ordered a bunch of plates to share as well as our own main.

We had coconut juice which was perfect as we were still a little hungover and there was fresh coconut sitting in the bottom of the cup! I couldn’t have been happier.

The scallop and prawn dumplings were the winner for me. A soft, goey wrapper filled with del opus scallop and prawn and a brilliant dipping sauce which at a guess consisted of soy and sesame oil + something else. Perfect accompaniment.

BBQ pork char sui steamed pork buns. Delicious. Soft and fluffy just like they should be.

A variety of spring rolls, the crispy wrapped ones with crab were a winner.

Duck pancakes. Yum. Bite sized happiness.

I’m going to say that while the pho wasn’t great it was still good. I was disappointed to be honest. I’m not quite sure what it was, maybe the beef was cut to think or cooked too long?

The other dishes made up for the pho though. In fact I didn’t even need the pho after all that! I would definitely go back, it’s got a great vibe and I never got to try the Nutella and banana spring rolls!








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A long weekend in Melbourne

I’m currently (totally wrote this last night) on the plane back to NZ after a long weekend in Melbourne. I almost missed the flight (there’s something new for me lol) however i did consider missing it purposefully. I also considered running off the plane, although I am now over the pacific and not the strongest swimmer.

Anyway I had such a great time. We came on a connecting flight which stopped in Sydney and we missed our connecting flight but that was actually great as I got to spend more time with my gorgeous friend Tay and meet her lovely boyfriend, Patty. We made it to Melbs only 20 minutes late.

We walked in, dropped our gear and went straight out to catch up with my friends Nikita and Rosie on Chapel Street. So good to see them! Been far too long.

A few drinks turned into a few more. We bar hopped till 3 or 4am, found the nearest Hungry Jacks (Burger King by another name for all the non Aussies) and taxi’d home.

Thursday saw us meet my good friend, Lisa for brunch in Richmond. She was heading off to Tassie so I was lucky to catch her.

We shopped around there then over on Chapel, meeting Freddie for a quick coffee then running back to change ready for the St Kilda official function and game v Collingwood.

We got ready as quick as possible but we were about 1.5hrs late to the function. We only had time for some wine and dinner before bounce.

We ended up watching only the first half. We met some funny people in the function and spent the rest of the time making friends at the bar.

We left for the Casino and I managed to fall (gracefully so I’m told however I definitely have my doubts) down an entire flight of concrete stairs. Yeah. That hurt. I now have a ridiculous bruise on my butt. It’s about 20cm wide and 10cm high at the biggest point. It’s a lovely purpley black oval. My ankle is considerably bruised too but mainly just my ego. I blame the free flow champers at the function and Ru’s heels that I was wearing.

I ran into a childhood family friend at the casino, such a nice surprise! We had a few drinks before we headed to Boutique in South Yarra. Freddie joined us and we danced all night, had a great time.

Saturday we were screwed. So tired. We had brunch about 2? Then napped. Dinner at Miss Chu was amazing though and we went for a big walk after to compensate for our day-long laziness.

Sunday I met another childhood friend, Adam and his girlfriend for brunch (really into brunch at the moment if you hadn’t guessed) in Elwood and checked out their wicked new pad.

Ru and I headed for Chadstone Mall where I grabbed a few things and introduced Ru to my fave jeans, they’re amazing. Armani Exchange if you’re wondering. She walked out with two pairs.

I ran to say a too short goodbye to a friend I had met there, Tim, then it was time to head to the airport.

Massive thanks to Ru ad Dave for their hospitality – you guys rock and I will be back VERY soon. Yep.








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