Noosa Madness

Last time the four of us (Ka Lei, Kieran, Jacinta & I) got together was in Whistler for my last weekend in BC and it was madness. Last weekend in Noosa was no different. 

Let me recount the highlights… 

Costco stop on the way down. This place excites me exponentially. 3 dozen oysters, beautifully thick cut steak, a ready made salad and we were on the way! 

-Side note, Ka Lei & I both finished work early only to manage to only leave by nearly 7??

We booked an apartment through AirBnB (contact me if you’d like details) which turned out to be in the Outrigger Resort on Hastings Street (main street of Noosa) which was fantastic. The lovely lady had left us champagne, chocolate, nuts and lots of other great touches. We settled in, had our amazing steak cooked by Chef Kieran, 2 dozen of the well shucked oysters and a lot of champagne and vodka. Somehow we ended up watching the spelling bee finals and while the others were riveted, I fell asleep on the couch.

Saturday morning was glorious and I was straight to the pool. I had a refreshing swim, worked on my underwater handstands and lazed about. Soon after hopping out of the pool an attendant told us not to go back in. Upon asking why, his answer was simple. Faeces. Right. So now I have shit in my hair. Well everywhere actually. I was straight to the bar to negotiate free drinks (at 11.58am) to get over the situation. Or as Jay aptly named it – the shituation.

We were able to negotiate a decent package, we started with a double shot, followed by mimosas and caprioskas. Two hours later at the pool bar and we were best mates with the bar staff, attendant staff and the people lounging (but definitely not swimming) in the pool area. Jay managed to face plant off her stool before 2pm. We were doing well. We even managed access to the VIP infinity pool.

Back upstairs we raced to get Ka Lei wedding ready and then subsequently crashed for a few hours. Upon waking I moved my phone charger only to accidentally smash two large vases to pieces. It was like slo-mo. Felt terrible so I popped a new bottle of champers and started on that with a dozen oysters. Tough life, I tell ya!

Jay and I went for dinner and drinks in town then met Ka Lei & Kieran when the wedding had finished to party into the wee hours. 

Sunday was spent recovering. A lovely brunch at 10 Hastings followed by a nap on the beach and poolside lounging.

Kieran drove us home where we stopped for dumplings. Best idea ever! Hope to get back to Noosa again soon. 










Cafe Le Monde, Noosa

Lovely service, decidedly average food. 

Probably should have checked the rating on this one before I ate there – it would have swayed my mind. 

Matt, our waitor was fantastic. Very chilled and attentive. He even negotiated that I could order off the lunch menu with the kitchen. 

The food came out super fast. I had ordered a fish burger and being in Noosa expected a decent one. Wrong. Two pieces of bun, two leaves of lettuce, one slice of tomato, some Mayo and (an assumably frozen) deep fried fish patty. 

Jay ordered a GF pizza which she quite enjoyed. 

The cashier was again lovely and when I explained the burger was average when she enquirered how the food was, she gave us a 5% discount. 

Wouldn’t eat there again but go say hello to the lovely employees. 

Oh! And to the guy I caught lurking out in the car park on Tinder in the floral shirt, you were definitely too young for me. But very cute all the same! 

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