Wander Wonder Wonton: Brisbane lifestyle & travel blog.

Exploring the world one dumpling and tropical destination at a time with a wine (generally champagne or chardonnay) in hand.

I’m passionate about my family, food, wine (especially champagne and chardonnay), dumplings, cultures, travel, leadership, learning, marketing, and connecting people. I’m curious about how different people live, all over the world.

I have a goal of visiting as many countries as my age and I am constantly contemplating where to go next.Β  COVID-19 threw a fairly big spanner in those works though so I have been based in NZ for the last year.

You can find my personal accounts –Β Instagram, @rachael_09

If you’d like to work with me in the marketing sphere, you may like to check out Β RMH Consulting and The Marketing Emporium.

xx Rachael

PS. If you’re an Anime fan, you’ll have to check out Turned Anime, another business of ours.

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  1. Kia ora, Rachael, and welcome to Vancouver! As someone who was born and raised here in Vancouver and having traveled the world, I *miss* both New Zealand and Australia. I spent 3 weeks on Te Wai Pounamu, and it simply wasn’t enough time to see everything. New Zealand is to me a personal life-long project: although I’m partial to the South Island, I believe both islands are very worthy. I’ve now memorized “Pokarekare Ana”, and I’m working on “Hine e Hine”. πŸ˜‰ How was your month (of June) back in New Zealand?

    • Kia Ora and thanks for you welcome!
      I was just looking at where you have been in NZ and Australia, you missed both my home towns! Brisbane in Oz and Feilding in the North Island of NZ. Awesome to see you have travelled there though, there is so much to see in both countries.
      If you want a laugh about silly singing Kiwi, check out Prince Tui Teka on YouTube. He was a favourite of my Dad, sang in both Maori and English and makes the occasional joke.
      I had a fantastic time in New Zealand. The reason I visited was to spend time with my family before I headed overseas for an extended period of time. I caught up with all my old friends and did some travelling around. Oh, and I ate 12 dozen containers of Bluff Oysters – I hope you tried some, they’re delicious.
      As a Vancouver local feel free to give me secret hints and tips of where to visit πŸ™‚

  2. Hi! Glad yhou were able to make it to the Okanagan. Penticton is great, but you really missed an even better place up the road – Kelowna! Four seasons destination, and the greatest beaches and summer events in all of the parks. Great place. Hope you can make it again.

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  4. Hi Rachel! So glad you checked into my blog – I’ll definitely be following yours! Happy to see your pics of the island – I just got back and I’m missing it already. Welcome to Canada!

    • Thanks Sue! Best of luck, everything will be fine! We’re made of the tough stuff. When things get hard, I really do find walking around this city and remembering how stunning it really is does help. Can never go wrong with the seawall!

  5. Hello!

    Just wanted to drop by to say Hi and that I nominated you guys for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. If you are asking me what it’s for..I don’t really know. I have the rules on my blog, but you can also google it for more information.

    Hope you have fun with it!

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Glad you stopped by my little crazy blog. Now I can see other parts of the world, and see how other people are in those parts and I donΒ΄t even have to get up from the chair within my house. ThatΒ΄s a goal of mine, or in my bucketlist to do a bit of traveling. Hopefully in a not so far away future. Nice blog.

  7. Whao! I really do appreciatee you Racheal. Wish i could be as widely travelled as you have. But most importantly, many thanks for your visits, kind comment and following. Enjoy living to the fullest.

  8. Awesome blog Rachael! Thanks for dropping by and following travelcouple101.com Looking forward to taking you along our 10 month journey around SE Asia and Europe πŸ™‚ 3 weeks and 4 days till take off! Take care, Millie.


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