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COVID Clusterf%*k | Stuck Again | Part Twelve

Naively, I kinda thought life was returning to normal-ish for me. The NZ – Australia Trans-Tasman bubble had opened and ‘green’ non-quarantine flights were aplenty between the two countries. I enjoyed two stints back and forth to NZ before ‘The...

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Pio Pio Restaurant | Milford Sound

We recently stayed at Milford Sound Lodge and took the opportunity to dine at Pio Pio Restaurant, their onsite dining option. Milford Sound Lodge is set in pristine New Zealand wilderness and their menu reflects their commitment to the local area, with Kiwi fare and...

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Milford Sound Lodge | Must Do NZ

Milford Sound Lodge is the ultimate in a luxe, but eco-friendly way for getting close to nature on your Milford Sound Trip! I couldn’t recommend a visit to this incredible lodge enough. Why? Let me break it down… Location | Unparalleled views. The lodge is literally...

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Hikari Sushi – best ramen in Queenstown

Hikari Sushi is my favorite spot for ramen in Queenstown, hands down. There’s not much better than when it’s freezing cold outside, heading inside to slurp over a hot bowl of steaming noodles. Especially after a big day exploring around in the snow. I ordered the...

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COVID Clusterf%*k | The Truman Show | Part Eleven

Sometimes I genuinely wonder if I’m on the Truman show. I’ve been back in Brisbane a while and finally settled in and feeling good. My house is coming together, I’m not working too much and I have a car so I can go places and do things. I’ve had my first COVID shot,...

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Must visit NZ: Makoura Lodge

Makoura Lodge in Apiti, Manawatu, New Zealand is a magical place. Remote, beautiful, Kiwi countryside surrounds the lodge. The grass is green, the valleys deep. Cattle and wildlife scatter the picturesque scenery. The lodge boasts unique country-style accommodation...

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COVID Clusterf%*k | Part Ten

I’ve been back in Brisbane for over 7 weeks now and things are finally coming together. I’m enjoying my house, it feels more homely now it has furniture, people and pups in it. My flatmate and her puppy are lovely company. My friends come and visit. I’ve made a...

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Ciao Papi | Italian time, not fare

I was really looking forward to some delicious Italian at Ciao Papi on Sunday with some fab views of the Brisbane River. The latter were abundant, but the former was not. We arrived at 2.40 – fairly late for lunch. Although there were plenty of staff, I had to signal...

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COVID Clusterf%*k | The Move | Part Nine

After much consideration and some deliberation, I took the plunge and moved back to Brisbane. It definitely didn’t go how I expected. I’m all about keeping it real, and while I generally have a very fun and happy life, I’ve really struggled moving back to Brisbane. I...

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COVID-19 Clusterf%*k Part Seven

Well, it has certainly been an interesting 48 hours. After a short lockdown in NZ approx two weeks ago where Auckland went to Level three and the rest of NZ to level two due to some new cases in Auckland, everything returned more-or-less back to normal. I’ve spent the...

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