COVID Clusterf%*k | Stuck Again | Part Twelve

Naively, I kinda thought life was returning to normal-ish for me. The NZ – Australia Trans-Tasman bubble had opened and ‘green’ non-quarantine flights were aplenty between the two countries. I enjoyed two stints back and forth to NZ before ‘The Truman Show‘ series of events took place. Then Queensland was clear again so I flew … Read more

Ciao Papi | Italian time, not fare

I was really looking forward to some delicious Italian at Ciao Papi on Sunday with some fab views of the Brisbane River. The latter were abundant, but the former was not. We arrived at 2.40 โ€“ fairly late for lunch. Although there were plenty of staff, I had to signal one out to have a … Read more

COVID Clusterf%*k | The Move | Part Nine

After much consideration and some deliberation, I took the plunge and moved back to Brisbane. It definitely didnโ€™t go how I expected. Iโ€™m all about keeping it real, and while I generally have a very fun and happy life, Iโ€™ve really struggled moving back to Brisbane. I miss my family. After living with them and … Read more

REVIEW | The Empire Strips Back – Buy Tickets Now

On Friday night we headed to The Empire Strips Back. I was excited but my expectations were low, I hadn’t heard much about it or seen much on social media. Their social media certainly doesn’t do them any justice, but then again, I suppose they don’t want to give too much away and word of … Read more

Delicious steak at Bakehouse Steakhouse, Ipswich

Will drive 49 minutes for steak…. Well to Bakehouse Steakhouse in Ipswich anyway – it’s totes worth it. My friend Bolliwood, who used to live in Ipswich had heard rumors about a great steak restaurant there. So we drove from Brisbane to check out Bakehouse Steakhouse and see what the fuss was about. It was … Read more

Mosconi – Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

We were all really excited to eat some pasta this weekend as after the holiday season we’ve been attempting to be less indulgent to save our figures. After looking at a few options for Italian dining around Brisbane we settled on Mosconi in Fortitude Valley. The three of us arrived at the restaurant and oddly … Read more

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