Terrific Noodles | Sunnybank | Brisbane

It’s been a hot minute since I visited Sunnybank Market Square in Brisbane for a bite! I even managed to forget about how crazy the parking is. Terrific Noodles has been on my list for a while, thanks to its popularity on Instagram. Slightly hungover, I decided this was a great day to indulge in … Read more

Best 7 spots to eat in Queenstown

Best 7 spots to eat in Queenstown | You’re spoilt for choice for dining in Queenstown. There are so many great places to eat, it’s hard to go wrong. Here are my best 7 spots to eat in Queenstown: Botswana Butchery – this beautiful restaurant boasts an amazing steak and wine list. High-end, a little … Read more

Bluff Oysters – The Best Oysters In the World

Bluff Oysters – The Best Oysters In the World Are you an oyster lover? If you’re in NZ around April to July, you’ll be here for our Bluff oyster season. Bluff oysters are the best oysters in the world. They’re creamy and plump, an absolute delectable delight of the sea. They’re an absolute must-try while … Read more

Hellenika | Breakfast | Brisbane

Hellenika | Breakfast | Brisbane I fast most days until 11ish now, however, I’d been hanging to head to Hellenika and try their breakfast since they first launched it! Fasting went straight out the window. The James Street venue has long been the go-to in Brisbane for delicious and fresh Greek dining in a gorgeous … Read more

Ryo’s Noodles | Crows Nest | North Sydney

A friend (and fellow ramen enthusiast) and I were both staying in North Sydney for work recently and decided it would be a good idea to go in hunt of some great ramen. Just a 5 minute Uber from our hotels was Ryo’s Noodles. If you google them, you’ll find them on just about every … Read more

Saigon Restaurant & Bar | Palmerston North

Saigon Restaurant & Bar | Palmerston North I am a huge fan of Vietnamese cuisine. Palmerston North has a few Vietnamese joints which I frequent regularly (mainly for beef pho, particularly in Winter), however, all are quite casual dining, whereas Saigon Restaurant & Bar in Terrace End has more of a restaurant vibe to it … Read more

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