Kiss The Berry – Picnic Açaí Goodness

Set in the South Bank Parklands, Kiss the Berry had been on my list for some time after developing a tiny açaí bowl obsession. Walking in the open cafe, there are soooo many açaí bowls to choose from! It was so hard to decide. My poor brain was in overload and I had narrowed it … Read more

Heavenly Island Lifestyle Cafe – A Local Waikiki Gem

I’m a giant fan of Heavenly Island Lifestyle! It’s a funky, delicious and sustainable cafe located under the hip Shoreline Hotel. I first discovered Heavenly Island Lifestyle on my last trip to Hawaii and have been dreaming about it ever since! Walking into Heavenly Island Lifestyle is like stepping into a eclectic Hawaiian beachfront cafe. There’s always something … Read more

Dumpling Trail Richmond – A Vacation For Your Mouth

A vacation for your mouth… I love that! Smart marketing campaign, Richmond BC! A Dumpling Trail. Can you imagine my excitement when I came across it on Twitter? I still didn’t realise it was an actual campaign, I thought it was just some bloggers in Vancouver going to town with the dumplings and making up … Read more