Pho-nomenal Vietnamese Eats

Soooo…. did I mention I was going to Vietnam?? Probably not. I only booked about ten days before I left. Pho-nomenal Vietnamese eats – get it? Pho… I have been making ridiculous puns ever since I got here – it’s mainly to distract from the fact that I am eating a stupid amount of pho, … Read more

Summer House Kangaroo Point – Ah-sigh-ee Delight

I have visited Summer House in Kangaroo Point a number of times recently for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s walking distance from my house and that’s always nice. Secondly, their menu rocks! Particularly the breakfast menu. And thirdly, their venue is an secluded, funky garden patio, covered with trees and quirky hidden flamingos! Oh, and they … Read more

Muso Ramen & Gyoza Bar, Mermaid Beach

This ramen and gyoza bar in Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast is definitely frequented by the local Japanese so I had a feeling it would be a good place. We were hungover the day after our friend’s wedding and all craving some slurpy goodness.    The gyoza came out first – fresh and handmade … Read more

Melbourne Cup Madness

I think I have only had one other Melbourne Cup that rivaled the madness of this one. And that was when I attended the Cup about seven years ago GA. Learnt my lesson there – never go to Cup Day and especially, don’t go GA. Don’t even get me started on the bathrooms! Anyway… So … Read more

Avvia Palm Beach – Hollandaise Happiness

Luckily, we found Avvia right around the corner from our AirBnB on the weekend in Palm Beach on the Gold Coast. Avvia has a beautiful little courtyard, with herbs growing right around the fence. They have a wonderful philosophy (check it out below) which makes it all the sweeter! I ordered a juice, the immune … Read more