Ryo’s Noodles | Crows Nest | North Sydney

A friend (and fellow ramen enthusiast) and I were both staying in North Sydney for work recently and decided it would be a good idea to go in hunt of some great ramen. Just a 5 minute Uber from our hotels was Ryo’s Noodles. If you google them, you’ll find them on just about every … Read more

Seiji Yamazaki – Photographer

Seiji lives in Tokyo, Japan and I love his photography. The first pic is one of my faves, although I have many. Please scroll down for the Japanese translation. He first bought a DSLR camera back in 2009, a Pentax k-x. Now he uses Canon although he shoots with all kinds of film cameras, even … Read more

Ladurée, Ginza Mitsukoshi, Tokyo

Such opulence. I suddenly felt underdressed in my casual travel gears. It’s like walking into a princesses high tea. Everything is pastel and luscious looking, themed to the last tiny detail. Rose pink velvet chairs with matte silver studs, pastel mint and pink coloured ribbon hangs behind all the beautiful boxes you can put your … Read more

Tokyo: Day Five

I woke up early and finished packing my bags ready for Seiji to collect me with our rental car ready to go exploring for the day. I headed to the supermarket to get some baked goods as I was too lazy to go the full distance to the bakery. I ended up with weird pancakes … Read more

Fast and the furious: Tokyo Taxi edition

What’s the cost of forgetting your flight time and realizing with minimal time before check in closes? Well if you’re in Tokyo 20,000¥. That’s $200aud. Seiji and I had a wicked day and were in the post shop in Shinjuku purchasing stamps to post my postcards. We were heading to Yoshinoya afterwards for a casual … Read more

Tokyo: Day Four

Would you believe it’s only 2.45pm and I have already had a nap? After a broken sleep – there were sirens all morning and I had no idea what they were saying over the loud speakers, I tried to nap more but didn’t succeed. They could have been yelling to put our rubbish out or … Read more

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