Head Spa – Ultimate Relaxation

If you’re ever in Japan you must do this!

I had my first head spa last night. Seiji took me to his hair stylist (he has flash taste) who sat me down and analysed my hair. It was pretty funny with Seiji doing the translation. I thought the guy was looking for nits haha. Anyway he was choosing which treatment to put in my hair.

I’m led to the wash basin where my hair is washed and then I’m led to a private room where an oil (I couldn’t choose which one so the stylist did) was defusing. The lights are dimmed and the stylists assistant comes in and applies the treatment to my scalp. He then proceeded to massage my scalp for about 20mins. It was all I could do not to fall asleep!! Amazing.

All too soon the massage is down as its back to the basin for another shampoo and condition.

The stylist’s assistant then blow dried my hair and left me with a magazine to wait for the stylist. He checked my hair over, made a few alterations and it was all over.

All for 3000¥ or $30aud! I did get a discount of about 15000¥ from Seiji though – thank youp!

Highly recommend. I won’t even start to tell you how soft and silky my hair is today!

The salon I visited was Ananda and the stylist was Kyôsuke Aoki. Check out their site HERE



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