Head Spa – Ultimate Relaxation

If you’re ever in Japan you must do this! I had my first head spa last night. Seiji took me to his hair stylist (he has flash taste) who sat me down and analysed my hair. It was pretty funny with Seiji doing the translation. I thought the guy was looking for nits haha. Anyway … Read more

Tokyo: Day Three

I know this will come as a surprise, but I had yet another huge day! It’s not even 5.30pm and I’m exhausted. I am currently sitting atop the Fuji TV Headquarters (only $5aud to get up) in a globe shaped observatory patiently waiting for a hopefully beautiful sunset. Sun doesn’t seem to be doing much … Read more

A Loris of a morning

Slow Loris that is!! You can’t imagine my excitement when I realised there was a Slow Loris right in front of me!! They are so damn cute I actually nearly cried of surprise and happiness. I spent ages watching it but got a little bored as believe it or not, it was slow. It was … Read more

Tokyo: Day Two

What a big day. Started with my alarm for work going off at 7.05am – not happy as I wanted to sleep in, and ended with me taking the wrong train, which just so happened to be an express, half an hour in the wrong direction. Considering home was only 4mins away from where I … Read more

Tokyo: Day One

I arrived late last night and settled into my mate Seiji’s house. He lives in Suginami-ku which is only 15mins by train to Harajuku and Shinjuku. Lucky for me he has given me full use of his apartment while I’m here, saving me a fortune in accommodation! He is staying at his girlfriends house. After … Read more

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