Buying a house from overseas | COVID Clusterf%*k Part Eight

Man. If I had known what a challenge this would be, I’m not sure if I would be in the same scenario I am in now! The background: I’ve been looking at buying a house for years. Each year the goalpost changes as I save more deposit. Each year the house prices also increase. I … Read more

What You Need To Know To Travel To Bali

I recently spent some time in Bali and had a heap of questions about everything to do with visiting Bali, so here’s my base list of what you need to know to get around and have a good time! I was lucky to stay with friends who now live there who gave me hot tips … Read more

Easy Asian Fusion at Paw Paw Cafe in East Brisbane

Paw Paw Cafe in East Brisbane always proves a crowd favourite with their fresh and healthy Asian fusion lunches. We ducked in for a quick lunch and all had difficulty deciding what to eat. Turns out we were all mulling over the same two menu items; the pad see ew wagyu and the oing san … Read more

Best NZ Day Trips; Bushy Park Sanctuary, Whanganui

Just outside of Whanganui is Bushy Park Sanctuary. It’s a gorgeous sanctuary of land for native birds and plants with a homestead attached. When you arrive, you drive through a gated section which is locked off to protect the wildlife in the area. It feels a bit like you’re entering Jurassic Park. We made our … Read more

Harvest Restaurant, Coolum

With many recommendations and the highest ranking for the area on Zomato, Harvest was at the top of our hitlist for dinner in Coolum. We were all quite surprised by the appearance of the restaurant, it looked like your average café, not a fine dining restaurant. There weren’t even table cloths on the tables. As … Read more

Third Annual Ham Party

Yeah, you read that right. Ham party. A party with ham. The very best kind of party. Each year, the company I work for gifts us a lovely ham and a recipe glaze with a personal thank you note – I work for a rad company. If I ate the ham, I would be eating … Read more

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