Third Annual Ham Party

Yeah, you read that right. Ham party. A party with ham. The very best kind of party.

Each year, the company I work for gifts us a lovely ham and a recipe glaze with a personal thank you note – I work for a rad company.

If I ate the ham, I would be eating it for a month with no other meat in my diet. Instead, I use it as an excuse to get a bunch of awesome people together for a party. This year, we even had ham balloons! You know it’s a party when there are balloons.

I’ve been travelling a bit so the first free date was on Saturday just been. I grab some fresh buns and kale slaw to go with the ham and guests bring snacks or whatever they feel like. Seeing as it was 34 degrees this year and we were outside, some bought ice blocks and ice cream – yessss.

Glaze this year was a ginger and orange marmalade – recipe is below. It was on point – some said it was even the best ham yet! I’m not sure about that, but I’ll take it.

There was lots of swimming, then we ate the ham, swum again and ended up playing Cards Against Humanity until around midnight. All in all an awesome day with great company!

Oh, and if you were wondering – there was no ham left.

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