New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe, ChinaTown, NYC

I really thought eating in ChinaTown would be a great and easy experience.Β I took the subway as near as I could then walked down. Surprisingly, the streets were quiet, it was dark and most of the shops were shut. I probably wouldn’t recommend doing it on your own.Β  I thought it would be easy to … Read more

Morning After, West End

I’ve been meaning to visit Morning After in West End, Brisbane, since it opened… about a year or so ago! I did attempt to go once but the lines were long and… well I don’t like waiting, so I left. It was well worth the wait. I had heard about their breakfast carbonara, making it … Read more

Lagos to Seville

We grabbed snacks for the 8.30am bus to Seville, where I promptly fell back to sleep.  Arrived in Seville around 2.30pm, found our hostel and thank god, it was a nice one. Really nice actually. Lovely private room with a big balcony, aircon, all the works. Black Swan Hostel.  It was very quiet when we … Read more

Riomaggoire, Day 2

We found a quaint breakfast spot and through a little language confusion ended up with some of what we ordered and some of what we didn’t! Beautiful little place off the main road.  We took the train (hot tip, buy your tickets online, the queue in Riomaggoire was crazy with only one ticket machine) to … Read more

Bonita Bonita, Gold Coast

Seeing as our last trip together was Mexico, it was only right that Lauren, Nikita & I went to a Mexican joint for dinner. Lauren chose Bonita Bonita in Mermaid for dinner and her boyfriend, Ben joined us. We started with pea guac and corn chips. How the hell does a Mexican place run out … Read more

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