Bonita Bonita, Gold Coast

Seeing as our last trip together was Mexico, it was only right that Lauren, Nikita & I went to a Mexican joint for dinner.
Lauren chose Bonita Bonita in Mermaid for dinner and her boyfriend, Ben joined us.

We started with pea guac and corn chips. How the hell does a Mexican place run out of avocado? Makes no sense. Pea guac was average – skip it. We had ocean trout ceviche was was really nice with a citrus and coconut cream sauce and some super deep fried corn chips.

Nikita and I both started with Wet Pussys. Calm yourself, it’s a cocktail. And a beautiful cocktail at that. Coco tequila and who really cares what else – it was lovely and refreshing.

I ordered two tacos – one too many. At 9.50$ each they’re expensive in taco dollars but they are huge. I had the snapper and pulled pork. I was disappointed the snapper was deep fried and not grilled. It was still nice but not what I expected. The pulled pork had some crunchy crackling on top and was nice. I wouldn’t say either was amazing and they weren’t served with lemon or lime. Neither was my beer – I had two Sol beers and each time I had to ask for a lime. They knew what I was going to say.

Our waitress was not clued in on what was going on. She seemed endlessly confused. Thankfully we all received what we ordered.

Would I go back? Only for the ceviche. There’s a cool atmosphere and I’d like to try the bar next door (Bon Bon?) for more cocktails but there wasn’t anything above good or average. After work drinks and a snack perhaps. It has the potential to be a lot better.


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