COVID Clusterf%*k | Stuck Again | Part Twelve

Naively, I kinda thought life was returning to normal-ish for me.

The NZ – Australia Trans-Tasman bubble had opened and ‘green’ non-quarantine flights were aplenty between the two countries. I enjoyed two stints back and forth to NZ before ‘The Truman Show‘ series of events took place. Then Queensland was clear again so I flew over for a quick 5-day jaunt over the ditch the day after the ‘green’ flights resumed.

First stop on arrival to Brisbane, dumplings. If you read my blog regularly, surely you knew that was coming! And I will confess here, this was my first of three delicious dumpling orders (all Little Red Dumpling) on my five-day trip! Gluttonous. I am now on a ‘diet’.

The next five days were a flurry of great company, fantastic wining and dining, and time spent in my house. I now love being in my house. Quite a flip from when I first arrived back in Australia in May.

My outdoor furniture has now arrived and is super comfy, the BBQ is set up (thank you, Trent), and my house is feeling more like a house/home now.

I spent time with my friends and ate at all my favorite places, as well as some new spots, and was treated to a special French degustation for Bastille Day, with truffles no less! That dinner was part of the four dates in five days that took place… Although my favourite meal was probably Friday long lunch at Hellenika… delicious food, a bloody mary to kick off, and a scrumptious, unique, Greek wine.

Five days felt like five weeks and I’m so glad I was able to visit.

I flew back to NZ a week ago. Two nights ago the Trans-Tasman bubble was closed by NZ for eight weeks. EIGHT WEEKS! I mean, I get it. Sh*t in Sydney is cray and things are teetering in Melbourne. They need to protect NZ. I was just quite enjoying my newfound ability to ditch hop. Hopefully, they can get their sh*t together and NZ can open back up (if even only to QLD) soon.

Unfortunately, I will miss spending the next (last) two months with my lovely flatmate before she moves out at the end of Sept into her beautiful new apartment. Luckily it’s just down the road so arvo wines are still easily achievable.

On the plus side, a trip to Rarotonga may be on my horizon… Raro is open to those who have been in NZ 14 days before arrival, and seeing as I can’t head back to Aus anytime soon, a quick tropics trip may well help to fill the void.

And then there’s the extra time with friends and fam – always welcome. I’m focused on launching my new biz in Sept and have some Kiwi clients picking up some exciting in-person projects now that I am here.


2 thoughts on “COVID Clusterf%*k | Stuck Again | Part Twelve”

  1. Agh you won’t be coming back to BNE for AT LEAST eight weeks after today’s news. 9 local cases, lockdown extension probable. 😭

    Your house looks awesome! 💚 🏡
    Do your plants need watering? 🪴


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