Trans Tasman Supervised Covid RAT Test 

Trans Tasman Supervised Covid RAT Test 

In order to fly Trans Tasman (between Australia and New Zealand) now, you require a negative covid test.

You cannot just go and get a free PCR check or do a RAT on your own, as there is specific paperwork that you need from a medical professional to qualify your negative result. 

Previously I had to have a travel PCR, generally done at a travel or doctor’s clinic around 74-48 hours before your flight. Not only do you have to travel to the clinic (hard work – I’m so lazy now I work from home), but you have to pay anything from $150 to $350 per test and then wait with your fingers crossed.

Now you can have a supervised RAT test. I used Rapid Antigen Test Supervision, which was recommended to me by a friend and was fantastic. These Telehealth Specialists in Australia provide online supervision of RATs (Rapid Antigen Tests) which are approved by the Department. You simply book an appointment with them online, source your own RAT test, hop on a video call (Zoom I think it was) within 24hours of your flight, and perform the RAT test on yourself while they watch. They then watch your test for the remaining fifteen minutes. Once the time is completed and provided you’ve tested negative, they will send you a negative result certificate with all your details (including passport number) for you to print and take to the airport. Easy!

And cheap! It’s only $89 for an adult. Not bad, right?! I mean you still have to stick a yucky swab up your nose and the rest of it, but at least you get to do it yourself, and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your laptop/house!

I’m working on a draft for what it’s like to travel Trans-Tasman now the Australian & New Zealand borders are open, stay tuned. It’s a lot different from how it was. 

**This is solely based on my experience. Please ensure you check government websites to understand current policies and requirements for traveling to and from Australia and New Zealand. 

Trans Tasman Supervised Covid RAT Test 

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