Last days in Land Thai

The last night in Thailand went really fast. The last day however, very slow.

The last night we checked into our hotel, Chaweng Blue Lagoon,  and then headed to dinner for our last dinner. Of course it had to be a good one! So we choose a seafood BBQ.  For 1400baht (roughly $45AUD) we had 2 cocktails, an amaretto sour for me and a green f&%k for Gemma and a huge, delicious meal consisting of…
-a large lobster BBQ’d in garlic butter
-fried calamari
-10 tiger prawns in soy and lemon
-2 crabs cooked in yellow curry
-500g steamed mussels and clams with garlic in white wine broth
-BBQ’d corn, roast potatoes & salad
Amazing meal, we could hardly eat it all!
Gemma got up and went to Phuket early in the morning as it was the only flight available and I got to stay home and nap as my flight wasn’t until 6pm. I got up late and enjoyed the hotel… a nice hot shower, big buffet breaky and lounged by the pool until midday when I had to get up to pack my gear and check out.
I headed out for my final massage. 
I walked in to a salon where I had had a good massage and this mean lady was at the door and I thought, ‘I hope I don’t get her she looks mean.’ Then she was real careless doing the bed and towels. I hop on the bed and she stood on me, which is unusual for a thai massage. It hurt so much I actually asked her to stop. She replied ‘this thai massage’ and looked really mean before resuming. I asked her to hop off. She kept saying ‘no this Thai massage’ and putting all her weight on me so I rolled over so she couldn’t stand properly. She goes ‘wha you wan then?!’ and I demonstrated using my hands just a simple back rub with her hands. Not feet. She leaned on me and began massaging but really rough so I asked her to be softer (again, something I have never had to do) she go ‘wha, this thai massage.’ Such mean eyes. So I said ‘well I don’t want your thai massage’ and got up and left. That’s new for me. I don’t like disturbing the peace too much, but she was just so mean!
Next massage was lovely. A 1.5hour long back and neck massage from an older thai woman. Just what I wanted.
I then went for lunch, my fave noodles with spring rolls, a coconut, a coke and a water. Not sure why I over did it on the beverages. Just wanted everything I guess! Was only about $8AUD.
I wandered around the markets for a bit and ended up searching for my favourite crepes. I found a stall but there was a line and I couldn’t be bothered waiting so I thought I’d find another walking back to the hotel. Never found one. Prob for the best. So much butter on those things, terrible for my health!
I got to the airport and flew to Phuket to meet Gem for our flight to Perth. She was practically translucent she was so pale. Poor thing had been stuck in a Phuket mall toilet all arvo being sick.
I started to feel sick just before the flight. I noticed something was up coz I wasn’t hungry. I’m always hungry. Hopped on the plane and the dreaded tummy pains started. Unfortunately our flight was packed so we couldn’t even lie down. 10hours, mostly sleeping but I was sick twice. Swapped planes in Perth to transfer to Brizzy and sick again. Got home, sick again. Fast forward a day and I’m sitting on the couch writing this after being sick again. Let’s hope it goes away soon!

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