The last two weeks

I haven’t blogged much recently, reason being my last two weeks have been my last two weeks in Vancouver and I have been flat out!

Between arranging everything to leave, working my ass off with huge work days to get everything complete and trying to see all my friends life has certainly kept me on my toes.

I finished my last day at work on Friday and had to some goodbye to some wonderful people. They asked me to stay on and I’m now the Virtual Digital Marketing Manager. I will be looking after the social media and online content from home. I had a fantastic boss and team, I learnt a lot in a short period of time.

I’ve had numerous leaving dinners and lunches and drinks, been exhausted and oh so thankful for berrocca and multivitamins. It’s a shame I can’t have coke, coffee or red bull – I could’ve done with some recently!

I’m now in the states for the next week, road tripping from LA to San Diego via Palm Springs then a few nights in Vegas before I fly home for my leaving party then out the next day. It never stops and to be honest, I quite like it that way! Nobody can say I don’t make the most of my time.





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