We had all great intentions to get up early and make the most of the day… I woke up at 10.30. It was the best sleep is had in a LONG time. I hadn’t even had a coughing fit during the night! We went in search of a kayak tour, so glad we did! A big boat took us and our kayaks out of the marina to where the island begin. A short course in ocean kayaking around boats and waves and we were in. 

Gem and I were in a double, me in the front. What an incredible experience. We went around all the beaches and inside secret grottos and caves. The rocks or islands are huge and magnificent, all different colours. The earthquake in the 70’s changed their shapes a bit and there’s different animals you can look out for that they resemble now. 
The water is clear, a warm 26 degrees and exceptionally salty. Much saltier than other years they informed us. The salt makes patterns as it dries on my tanned skin and makes my eyebrows look like they belong to Santa Claus. Let’s not even start on what it does to your hair. It does cleanse your skin though, sanitise your wounds and clear out your sinuses though! My skin feels very soft after a swim. 

The crew were hilarious, we had a great time with them. One in particular was very cheeky, you’ll see in a selfie in our life jackets, he’s actually peeking out from in between us! He also threw me overboard twice during the swimming. 

After kayaking we got some gelato and walked around the different beaches. It’s a steep incline and then, massive sets of stairs (my legs don’t even seem to be looking any shapelier yet which is beyond me) down to the beach. We relaxed at a couple and I took some pics for my friend who has an underwear company, BiaBoro – check them out, that doubles as bikini bottoms. 
We walked back down the hills, having seriously packed our afternoon and evening after a less productive morning, to find a spot for dinner Gem had read about. A fave with locals, we ordered the clams with garlic bread (oh my life, we soaked up every last drop of that butter and garlic sauce) to start then their version of the seafood rice. We did not guess how big or wonderful the meal would be. We shouldn’t have eaten all that bread after all! 
Evening ensued more walking around the shops and markets before retiring home to bed around midnight. Off to Seville for two nights tomorrow! 
Only less than a week left. Sad face. 

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