I Had a Float So You Don’t Have To Be Nervous

While in Vancouver I thought I would try stay active and healthy, quite the opposite experience to my usual visits which are reasonably debaucherous and terrible for the liver!

A couple of my friends here recommended a float to relax and rejuvenate so I booked in at Float Yaletown.

At first I was excited but by the time I booked it in I was pretty nervous. It was my first float and I didn’t know what to expect….
What the hell am I going to do for 90 minutes in there alone in the dark in a confined space?
Will I be able to meditate? Where will my mind go? What if I freak out?
Is it dark? Are you completely shut in?
What if I fall asleep? Will I even float? Can I drown?

After I posted on Instagram that I was at the spa I had many friends contact me asking about it and with the same questions!

I walked into the spa and felt immediately more relaxed, it’s a beautiful open and welcoming space and the lady was lovely.

I was shown to my room (yes it’s a private room) and taken over the instructions for the float. Basically, you lock the door, get naked, shower (shampoo & wash), then hop in the float device and try zen out for the next 90 minutes.

In the float there’s a light switch (yes you can keep it on and change the colours), as well as a switch for music. It does shut completely and the lights in the room turn off automatically after 10 minutes of the float shutting. You are left to your own devices for 90 minutes then soft music plays to let you know your time is done. ┬áThere’s also a pool noodle to put under your neck if you’d like for support.

So the lady leaves and I’m still a little hesitant. I shower and hop in the float. Good news, I am floating – great start. I play with the lid a bit and shut myself in with the light on… I realise it’s pretty nice in there. I play with the light and decide to leave it on while I get used to this floating sensation. It takes me a while to relax and fianlly I feel really light and floaty and safe and peaceful. At that point I think I meditated or slept for the rest of the 80 minutes or so! There was a short stint where I turned the light off and cracked the lid with a towel for some fresh air (I hate still air) but otherwise I was a happy little beaver.

The music came on and I was shocked the 90 minutes had passed already. The lady mentioned first timers often jump out at 60 minutes and I thought for sure that would be me! But nope, there I was relaxed and rejuvenated 90 minutes later. Impressive.

I got up, showered and made myself ready for the day at the beauty stand. They have a great area with products and a hairdryer so you can ready yourself and go about your day without wet hair and feeling fresh!

Do I recommend a float? Yeah I do! I felt awesome afterwards and can’t wait for my next one.

Thanks Float Yaletown!

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