Lauren’s visit: Monday

My last day with Lauren as I needed to head back and catch up on work for my clients.

We woke up and another friend from high school in NZ came over to visit, Aimee. She bought along her beautiful 1 year old who we were lucky enough to play with. Gorgeous wee girl.

Hitting the road we drove along the coast to Portarlington and over to Queenscliff for lunch on the waterfront. Lunch was average but great company made up for it.

I said my adieu to Lauren and Mish then took the train back to Melbourne, taking Ru out for dinner (do you even dumpling) then settling in to work the evening.



Lauren’s visit: Sunday

Another sleep in then over to Richmond (again trying to show Lauren all the different neighbourhoods) for brunch.

We attempted Top Paddock but there was a ridiculous line so continued down Church Street to Little Something Something. I try not to make judgements, but we had a very ‘interesting’ waitress.. I think she may have been incredibly hungover. We both ordered the toast with truffle butter, poached eggs and smoked salmon and anchovy aioli. Really different but really good.

Lauren still had the shopping big so I took her over to Bridge Road to find some bargains before meeting Sophie and Lauren for a juice.

We raced back home where our friend, Michelle who we also went to high school with, picked us up and took us back to Geelong to see her home.

Another high school (and primary for me) friend Sammy, joined us and took us for dinner on the waterfront. Fantastic to catch up with everyone.

And yes, I know what you’re thinking. Kiwis are taking over Aussie 😉



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