Thursday night Gyoza fun

 Accomplished one of my New Year resolutions today. 10 days in. Boom!

I made Gyoza J
I even made the Sexy Swashbuckler and Benny come over to partake in the experience. I intended for us all to make the gyoza together but I should really have known better…
The Sexy Swashbuckler mainly spent her time playing with the mince.. she only needed to mix it up once but proceeded to squish it through her fingers the entire time. I just hope they were clean. I think she may have thought she was ‘helping.’
Ben & his butt pincher
Ben pronounced himself to be the ‘implementer of presentation.’ The translation being that he moved the dumplings I had dropped on the bench while I was making them and lined them up nicely on a chopping board ready for me to throw in the pan. In between this he managed to rummage around in my room and find a ‘butt pinching’ device (we can thank the Sexy Swashbuckler for that one, she bought it for me for my birthday. Ever considerate she is) and proceed to pick up whatever objects he could find on the bench.
Fantastic contributions – I thank you both.
Best Chef’s EVERRR

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