A moist Future

Wet doesn’t even describe it.

Future Music Festival Brisbane 2013. Imagine heavy rain, with thousands of inebriated people running around having mud fights and you get a half idea of what was going on.

There was a river flowing up to the stage, almost over my gumboots – we obviously had to jump in! The ponchos weren’t doing much anyway.

Gemma flew over from Perth to come to the festival with me as it is the last time we will see each other for ages, with me moving to Canada and her travelling around Europe soon. We lasted two hours. Maybe 3?

We were saturated and cold, once we watched PSY perform Gangham Style we decided we had got our $130 tickets worth and headed home much to the disgust of Ruhee & Carl! We had both already seen Prodigy and many of the other acts so were happy to go home and then head to a warm pub in clean, dry clothes.

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