Harrison Lake, Hale Creek Off Roading!

I haven’t had this much fun in ages!

A friend from NZ put me in touch with her friend from NZ who live here and said we should catch up. We’ve been meaning to for ages but between had cancelled about three times. I nearly cancelled this day too as I had been out till one the night before and though I wasn’t drinking I was really tired at 6.30am when I woke up. I managed to haul my ass out of bed and I’m so glad I did!

I met Nick at the supermarket and from there we picked up two of his mates. Considering he’s lived overseas for 6 years he has the thickest kiwi accent I’ve heard in a long time!!

I didn’t realise that Harrison Lake and Hale Creek was actually out by Harrison Hot springs, it’s a fairly decent drive away. When we arrived we met the group. There was one quad, 3 utes and a side by side to be making the trek with us.

We set off in the dust, quads going everywhere – it was a beautiful day.

Eventually we turned off down a less ‘main’ road and that’s where the fun really started.

The road is just rocks and dirt. There’s an occasional bridge but mainly puddles you get to drive through. It was too rough going down but could tell it would be more interesting going back up.

Once we arrived at Hale Creek we set up fishing lines and threw them out for the trout. It is so pristine and gorgeous down there. All you hear is the roar of the quads and you can sit and marvel at how beautiful it is. From the snow capped mountains to the turquoise lake and surrounding wilderness, I could have stayed there for days.

We got a fire going and cooked some wieners and meat patties for lunch.

Went for a ride in the side by side – they are like a quad base but wider and with a roll cage like a buggy. This one was bought new for 13k. An auto but lots of grunt and a $600 sound system in the roof. Like any good Canadian, they hoon around with country and western blasting in their ears.

About 4pm we packed up and started the journey back. After much skidding, slipping, sliding and banging we made it to the top. Only got properly stuck once and we still managed to get out ourselves.

It was when we were nearly back that my phone came back into service and I realised how late I was going to be for my friends coming over to get Halloween ready. Phone died within a few mins and the race to get back was on.

Lots of laughs and so much fun! Can’t wait to do it again.

























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