Ain’t no party like a Halloween party!

At least in Canada there isn’t anyway. These guys go all out! The shops, houses, restaurants – all decked out in its spookiest finest.

Sat night I went to a Halloween party – they have them the weekend before when they fall during the week as is the case this year. I was totally unprepared and my mate forgot to grab my hat – the only actual costume piece that defined my character.

Anyway! I was 2 hours late to my own party after being in Harrison off roading a lot longer than expected. So I was running through town trying to find a hat. I was going to be a pin up sailor girl but could only find a pilots hat so that’s what I ended up being.

Didn’t have time to grab dinner or drinks, my phone had died and I wasn’t even sure if my friend had managed to get in to my apartment. Low and behold when I arrived, she was happy as sitting at the table, wearing my clothes a d surrounded by my roomies friends. She prob didn’t even notice that I was late.

We ran around like headless chickens getting ready, more people turned up, I ate some noodles in a cup and we were off again!

The party was on the 18th floor in Olympic Village. Amazing views and completely decorated – spiderwebs and spiders everywhere, people all done up. One chick actually had me thinking she might kill me. I said ‘your wigs pretty.’ She replied, ‘not as pretty as the knife behind my back’ in a freaky dolls voice, I get the shivers just thinking about it.

Eventually we got bored and headed to Cabana. It was crazy busy. The doormen recognised me from the night before and snuck us straight in through the crowd. Inside was packed, I spent my time half dancing, half checking out all the costumes.

4am comes around and the few of us left in the club did a great ‘synchronised’ dance to New York, New York. Which was really quite appropriate as Jay and I will be there in just over a month.

S out my roomie called us when we got outside and we met him at a Chinese restaurant. At 4am there was a 20min wait to get seated but he got us in. I was super excited but 40mins later and still no food I wasn’t quite so happy. So I threw $5 on the table and walked out to get pizza.

Did I mention I found $100 note on the ground? I thought it was a friend of mine but he assured me it wasn’t his so I bought everyone drinks.

Finally got home at 5am and Jay, Scott and I put on a movie. 1.5hrs later my eyes were literally rolling back in my head and I’d been up 24hours. Sleep time!







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