NYC Day Two

I got up and attempted to get raffle tickets to Wicked – no luck so over to MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) to see what all the fuss was about.

Hotdog for breakfast though!

Awesome museum! Loved looking at all the artists that I studied at school, massive collection, six floors. Some art looked like a 4yr old did it, others just mind blowing.

Security came up to me while I was staring at a Picasso. He said ‘do you like this picture?’ I replied that Picasso is incredible. He replied, ‘I have the greatest job. The most beautiful people in the world, come to look at the most beautiful art in the world.’ He winked and walked away. I blushed. Smooth buddy? Real smooth!

I bought Lion King tickets and wandered around time square.

John messaged me to join him to watch the NFL semi finals in New Jersey. I managed to catch a bus there all on my own. Was quite proud.

It was just a local bar but full with people and energy. I grabbed some good and drank ciders all night. Love watching people get so involved!

I managed to have my old passport drop out of my back pocket with my lion king tickets – couldn’t find it anywhere but no biggie as it wasn’t my actual passport and tickets are replaceable!20140122-180843.jpg20140122-180900.jpg20140122-180916.jpg20140122-180936.jpg













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